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Developed in China, the SHELL active noise canceling (ANC) headphones are designed to keep up with the fast-paced nature of everyday life. The comfortable and stylish Bluetooth wireless headphones come with a voice assistant, quick charging feature, noise-canceling technology and stable connection to deliver high-quality audio performances.

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  • In today's society, fast-paced work, crowded cities, and everything around young people seem to give them an invisible sense of stress and tension. Shell was developed not only to inspire and put them in the right mood but also to provide the best comfortable listening and wearing experience. Its natural appearance and smooth curves are inspired by the calm flow of water, which reflects the calmness in using the product.

  • Shell is stylish, elegant, and gives users a sense of class and style. It is ergonomically designed and has soft synthetic leather for maximum comfort and a better user experience. Shell supports high and low noise cancellation through algorithms, which accurately recognizes other people's voices and environmental noise and automatically reduces background sound interference. Suitable for traveling, sports, working from home, or just relaxing. In addition, the user can adjust the equalizer, noise-canceling levels and customize it to their needs using the 233621 APP.

  • Shell was developed not only to inspire you and put you in the right mood but also to provide the best comfortable listening and wearing experience. It gives you focus even with the hassle and bustle of life in the city and keeps you calm in noisy and busy places. Our proprietary Hybrid ANC technology blocks the noise around and focuses on what matters, whether you are working, on your daily commute, or even on a plane, Shell Headphones are the best companion.

  • Shell features a touchpad and easy to access buttons on the right earcup allowing you to easily toggle ON/OFF the ANC mode, control volume, and the voice assistant. Shell features Bluetooth 5.0, which gives it a transmission range of more than 30 meters, the transmission rate is faster, and the power consumption is lower, and it is as stable as wired.