Lumea Prestige

  • 2017

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

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The Netherlands

Lumea Prestige represents Philips’ most technologically advanced beauty offering and the pinnacle of Philips Beauty design language.

Biocompatible materials, advanced optical safety system, optimally tuned capacitive sensors and batterypowered capabilities allow for the safest, most enjoyable home IPL experience possible, resulting in over 75% hair reduction after just four treatments.

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  • The design is very pleasant to the eye, combining key elements that are desirable to the eye of our target group. The choice of materials and colors, as well as the seamless design, makes the product an item to keep at sight, rather than a product to be hidden away in a cupboard. Curved attachments were designed to fit each part of body. The large, inward curved body attachment offers fast treatment on large areas, while the small face attachment offers gentle treatment on upper lip, chin, jawline. The bikini and armpits attachments are specially curved to match those areas.

  • Consumer insights feeding into the design and function: - Women are looking for long term solutions to hair removal - Setting advice feature was added to help consumers choose the most suitable setting depending on skin tone - For improved convenience, it can be used with or without cord: Use cordless for full freedom of movement and plug in when needed for treatment with no interruptions - Necessity for ergonomic design (see part on curved attachments above)

  • Complying with all applicable standards and regulations, user is protected from harm and the design safeguards against unintentional use: - The integrated UV filter protects skin from UV light - 5 light energy settings to adjust to your skin type - Integrated safety systemto prevent unintentional flashing - Skin Tone sensor to detect your skin tone - SmartSkin sensor to have the re right setting on demand

  • Part of Philips Green products. Philips products are categorized as green products when they are outperforming existing products, competitor products or surpass minimum legislative requirements by at least 10% in one or more of the six key Philips Green Focal Areas. The six key green focal areas identified by Philips are: Energy, Packaging, Substances, Weight & Materials, Circularity and Lifetime.

    Objective studies show significant hair reduction after as few as 3 to 4 bi-weekly treatments, resulting in smooth, hair-free skin. To maintain results, a touch up every 4 to 8 weeks is needed. The lamp lifetime is up to 20 years, the full product is guaranteed for 2 years.

    The new Philips Lumea Prestige is the hero product that is meant to further strengthen Philips business and technology leadership position in IPL. It is the hero product in Philips IPL product range, supported by a 360 integrated marketing activation, meant to build Philips's beauty brand reputation by showcasing a winning, desirable, prestigious design.

    Aesthetically, Lumea Prestige is designed to resonate with cosmetics industry codes equally as much as it expresses Philips' technological capabilities. A setting advice feature is included as a core function of the device to assure women they are using the most appropriate setting for their individual skin type, thus removing the anxiety associated with using salon quality equipment for self-application. Different parts of the body have varying skin and hair types, but not all hair removal methods provide solutions to address these. It has been designed to provide a tailored hair removal solution for all parts of the body, meaning women can experience continuously smooth and hair-free skin.