Liquid Instruments Moku:Go

  • 2021

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    Medical and Scientific

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Liquid Instruments

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The Moku:Go is a complete set of instruments set to redefine the way scientists, engineers, students and professionals experience test and measurement. Designed in Australia, the seamless integration of hardware and software delivers exceptional versatility to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists.

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  • In higher education, the current in-lab instrumentation is large, expensive and found in multiple stand-alone machines. This area has seen very little innovation over the last decade. Current portable instruments also lack the simple to use and intuitive software interface that modern day students have come to expect. The COVID pandemic has seen an increasing demand for remote learning solutions and a more hands-on experience outside the lab. The need for accessible and flexible tools has grown and so has the expectations of students worldwide.

  • Liquid Instrument's Moku:Go combines eight different instruments into a portable and flexible hardware platform taking engineering and science students through all four years of education and beyond. Designed to fit in a backpack, it offers full connectivity with a Wi-Fi hotspot and USB-C. The Moku:Go also features electrical protection to ensure that student can explore new projects without putting themselves or their equipment at risk. They can actively learn key concepts from circuits to senior design.

  • Practical labs can take place uninterrupted whether students are in the classroom, in their dorm, or across the globe. With all eight instruments on one portable platform, any room can be a lab saving space on the workbench or in the classroom.

  • - 2 Inputs / 2 Outputs 30 MHz in / 20 MHz out, 125 MSa/s - Digital I/O 16 channels - Power Supply 2 or 4 channel options - WiFi Hotspot Connectivity where you need it - 8 instruments all in one device including Arbitrary Waveform Generator Data Logger Frequency Response Analyzer Logic Analyzer / Pattern Generator Oscilloscope / Voltmeter PID Controller Spectrum Analyzer Waveform Generator