Jungle Play by Blanc Space

  • 2023

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    Commercial and Industrial

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Jungle Play is a sensory wonderland for children aged 2-5 years creating experiences which are inclusive, sensory & active, which encourage imagination & development through play. Our social space is future-forward and circular by design diverting 1 tonne of post-consumer waste from landfill delivering a space with 50% recycled materials & 96% recyclable.

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  • Blanc Space set it's own challenge. What is the future of play? How do we create spaces that create engagement and develop skills in a modern world? How do we engage the senses through integrated technology without installing giant screens? The design challenge was to create our vision for the future of play. Our vision was to create spaces that are sustainable and help to contribute to the circular economy, help to divert waste from landfill but maintain high level of aesthetic and finish, which is suitable for its environment and create moments of engagement through technology without visual clutter.

  • Our solution was heavily focused in RnD, we researched the market to find simple, existing and robust materials, design and develop engaging sensory based interactive experiences to create a space that was architectural in style and finish, engaging and stimulating though technology, functional, comfortable and inclusive by finishing the space with supporting seating with phone charging, backrests and fencing to complete the social space offering customers a place to play, recharge and relax. We used 50% recycled materials, made of recycled plastics, playground surfacing and redirected over 1 tonne of waste to create a place of beauty, inspiration and excitement.

  • The true impact is yet to be completely realised, Blanc Space has innovated and developed our sensory range with the Magic Talk Tubes, entered the circular economy with the introduction of using recycled plastics in our furniture and products as well, repeat business from the same client and new business opportunities. Scentre group has received amazing internal and external feedback for the space by creating space for dwell and return visitation and lift in the visual amenity of the area. Creating conversation, inclusion, comfort and joy. The exciting part is closing the loop and recycling the space for reuse.

  • New product development with our Sensory tech innovation the Magic Talk Tubes. They were an instant hit with users talking into the tubes to create a programed animated illuminated display. This provides a 1 to 1 experience and also a 1 x many as it attracts others to engage and also a wow moments for those spectating. reFORM - We developed 8mm, 12mm, and 20mm custom colour designed sheets using 100% recycled post consumer plastics with some local manufacturers. The sheets were used pronominally in the ottomans, signage, cog box, cladding in the jungle climber. We were able to shape the material to create custom curves in the seating and opening up opportunities for further use and applications. The integrated seating with device charging also creates great comfort and inclusive moments in the space. We also used significant amounts of recycled rubber from flooring of other playgrounds, this forms the attenuation protection layer. Sophi Odling Mural Collaboration - Sophi is a great friend and collaborator, her colorful and vivid dreamscape works reflect the environment and cultures she encounters. The Jungle theme was ideal to bring her punchy colour palette to help her flora fauna sing in the space