Jimbo’s Pet Food Range

  • 2016

  • Communication

Designed By:

  • QDesign Enterprises

Commissioned By:

Bombay Pet Foods Ltd

Bonson Industrial Co Ltd

Designed In:

Australia & New Zealand

Jimbo’s Pet Food is New Zealand’s leading brand in chilled raw pet food. Bombay Petfoods goal was a perfect balance of aesthetics, function, quality and cost efficiency. The result is a revamped injection molded pack with improved structural and graphic aesthetic, and carefully considered detailing of tamper evidence and opening features.

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  • The new and improved Jimbo's packaging all share a single design footprint, regardless of volume. This has helped streamline the filling lines at Bombay Petfoods, as the company no longer needs to adjust the machinery to accommodate multiple container and lid sizes. The new design has helped improve overall supply chain logistics because Bombay Petfoods can now make better use of storage space, and efficient transportation thanks to better pallet utilisation than previous packaging. A common lid size makes the food containers easier to stack on shelves, in the fridge and in transport, offering better pallet utilisation. Small feet at the base of the tub lock into designated grooves on the lid.

  • Jimbo's is a fresh raw meat pet food product, and it is important that the consumer sees this at first glance. The packs make effective use of high clarity polypropylene moldings. Effective branding space is provided by the in-mold-label (IML) with high quality graphics, while still allowing visibility of the product. Textured areas on the tub molding surface help to disguise liquid settlement at the base of the pack during distribution to maintain a clean and considered display at all times. The new pack is simple, but well proportioned. By shifting the tub stacking control features to the inside of the tub, the upper rim of the tub is simplified to give a much cleaner aesthetic and increase branding real estate.

  • A Tamper Evident feature on this new design must be broken free before the pack can be opened, informing the consumer that they are purchasing a fresh and quality sealed pack. The tamper tab is designed with user in mind, flaring out at the top edge and offering a softened edge for easy purchase. To break the tab the user can push down with their finger, thumb or palm for users with limited dexterity. Once broken, there are no sharp edges exposed, just a large scalloped recess for access to the lid. Significant consideration was given to designing a lid that was easier to open and close while still keeping the pack water tight. This was achieved with numerous tool trials and updates to perfect this balance.

  • Through market research Jimbo's recognised that their consumers have a tendency to re-use the containers for various purposes rather than throw them away. To further encourage this post-purchase use, Jimbo's have provided their consumers with label templates that can be downloaded from their website, printed and applied to the packs. The result is reduced waste in the form of customizable storage containers for both kids and adults.

    Trade feedback has been highly positive with a combination of punchy on shelf presence, reduced breakages and improved stackability since launch of the new packaging. Combined with strong brand blocking on shelf and media support, the Jimbo's brand has increased 13% in value since launch and now accounts for 28.5% of the $71.7M Chilled Pet Food market by Brand. Jimbo's total value growth of $2.7M outstrips the total chilled category growth of $1.6M and is the clear leader by lifting a declining sector. Product variant growth has shown increases ranging from 5% up to 46% and is the number 1 chilled pet food brand in New Zealand.