Australian Pet Organics

  • 2022

  • Communication
    Branding and Identity

Designed By:

  • Dow Goodfolk
  • Donna McCort, Creative Director
  • Amanda Bearsley, Designer

Commissioned By:

Australian Pet Organics

Designed In:

New Zealand

Australian Pet Organics is the first all-Aussie, all natural, certified organic range of supplements, vitamins and treats for dogs.

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  • The design challenge was to introduce this new brand to a largely unregulated category where pet owners are easily befuddled by the many 'good-for-your-pet' claims. We needed to communicate the client's long wish list in a succinct and emotive way - the brief had begun with a request to create a brand that was transparent, responsibly sourced, ethical, of the utmost quality, Australian made, actually beneficial for pets, natural, vet and animal nutritionist endorsed, community minded, and containing a trademarked blend.

  • The design solution established the brand's key selling point first - Boost your buddy with a burst of nature - and we also trademarked the descriptor Supaw™. This succinctly covered off a number of the key messages - the all-natural; the functional performance; and the pet-pawrent emotive connection. We brought this all to life with a sophisticated face that deliberately borrowed from human beauty and health products. This established the premiumness of the products with their trademarked blends and their academic backing of an animal conservationist. The tone of voice, meanwhile, was down to earth and overtly proud to be Australian.

  • The brand has introduced a sophistication to the category in both its expression and its product development. The trademarked supaw™ blends were developed by a vet and animal conservationist, and were inspired by human natural supplements that had successfully managed the brand owner's bulldog's spina bifida. The research and development together with the commitment to being independently certified organic, has introduced a new standard to the category.

  • The insight that Australians particularly value Australian products played a key role in the branding. The colour palette is inspired by the Australian landscape, from 'Uluru orange', to 'gum tree green', and this richly muted palette follows through to all brand imagery. Pet portraits have also been styled as studio portraits, which echo both the premiumness of the brand and the preciousness of pets to their pawrents, who are viewed as family.