• 2021

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

Designed By:

  • Jay Hollywood
  • Kristy Ford
  • Teegan Lincoln
  • David Thomas

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Humaan are a digital agency based in Perth. This website redesign was the culmination of an entire brand overhaul, organically born from a series of workshops aimed at self-reflection and identity development.

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  • Our intent with the project was first and foremost to represent our new, dynamic brand and better reflect our evolution as an agency. Further, we wanted to promote an engaging and delightful journey that truly represented the way we do business.

  • The brand and design at the heart of this new website is versatile by nature, conveying Humaan's personality and professional ethos, and enabling countless expressions that reflect the diversity of our work and team. This philosophy extends to our website infrastructure and template architecture, allowing us to showcase the range and variety of digital products we create.

  • We have seen immediate commercial impact, with a number of new clients and projects coming on board as a direct result of viewing our portfolio and website. Being Perth-based, we've noticed a large shift in the work that we are now able to attract, with new engagements across the east coast of Australia and internationally. From a social perspective, accessibility is a key consideration to ensure that the website is usable by a diverse audience. As a whole, the business looks to support growth and opportunity, through our work with leading Not-for-profits and businesses that drive positive change.

  • Significant investment was made (video content, animation, interactive elements) to bring the website to life, each page was designed specifically around the content with the intent to drive engagement and delight. Each case study in the portfolio is created bespoke to suit the detail, based on a custom design system for these pages. The project planner is also notable, a custom form that guides users through a clean, simple and fun experience