ZSB Series Printer

  • 2021

  • Digital

Commissioned By:

Zebra Technologies Corp.

Designed In:

United States of America

The ZSB Series printer is a hassle-free, wireless, cloud-based label printer for the small office/home office market. Label cartridges, made from an eco-friendly, biodegradable material, are easy to load and switch between a wide variety of formats and sizes.

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  • Design an application for frustration-free printer setup and label printing that allows users to manage their printers and print labels from their desktop computer or mobile phone. The application experience must stand its ground and be just as simple and delightful as consumer IoT products that are increasingly dominating this space.

  • The lightweight mobile application gives users a quick 3-step setup experience to get their printers up and running in a matter of minutes. The desktop web application gives users the ability to manage their cloud-connected printers and design and print labels. Users can choose from the comprehensive library of existing label designs or create their own from scratch. Having the printer connected to the cloud allows users to access and print from any device, anywhere. The built-in workspaces feature gives users the ability to organize their printers and label designs and invite others to collaborate.

  • The ZSB Series applications stand to have a positive impact on business performance for small to medium size business owners. The setup experience is first-in-class and addresses many of the frustrations users have expressed using similar products in the market. Cloud-based printing is the future of Zebra for ease of management and ordering new supplies. The ZSB application is the first Zebra product to offer this type of experience and will absolutely result in an increase in market share and customer loyalty.

  • Workspaces & Themes - Workspaces are designed with collaboration in mind; users can invite other users to a workspace to share printers, labels and files. Workspaces can also be customized by selecting a theme. Themes are essentially interior spaces that correlate to most types of small-to-medium sized businesses and a color scheme. Selecting a theme changes the color scheme throughout the applications as well as the background which appear behind UI elements and controls. With input from interior design professionals, the workspace background images were designed and rendered using CAD and CGI, allowing us to adjust colors and move things around to create realistic environments most small-to-medium sized business owners would feel comfortable working in. Our hope is that most users will select a theme based on the emotional connection they have to it and that at least one of the themes represents what they aspire to be as a business owner.