Hello.™ Disc

  • 2022

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    Medical and Scientific

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New Zealand

The Hello.™ Disc is the first menstrual disc in the world with a patented looped removal tab which provides mess-free, single finger removal. Designed for anyone with a period, Hello.™ Disc is comfortable and easy to use. It’s unique design and rave reviews set it apart from other menstrual discs.

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  • The design challenge was to create a menstrual disc that solved the frustrations experienced by users of traditional discs. The two key issues around traditional discs were: - they can be hard to reach for removal because they sit high in the vaginal canal and reaching them to remove them can be difficult and frustrating, especially for people with a high cervix. - they can be messy and slippery to remove because users need to find and remove by a slippery, rounded rim.

  • The patented double-looped tab on the Hello.™ Disc solves the frustrations experienced by users of traditional disc designs: it allows for: mess-free; easy reach; and single finger removal. The double looped tab can be worn several ways including: dropped for people with a high cervix, flipped for an average cervix height, and trimmed for users with a low cervix. The tab can also be tucked to allow for no mess period sex. Inventing the looped removal tab has allowed us to create a disc that can be worn by people of nearly all cervix heights, body sizes and abilities.

  • The patented double-looped removal tab sets the Hello.™ Disc apart from other menstrual discs. It provides users with a stress-free, easy to remove menstrual disc option. The tab provides an easy to reach access point to find the disc when it’s time to remove. The loops allow the user to insert a finger through and remove with control which in turn provides a steady, no mess 'exit'. Discs without the loop are hard to reach, difficult to keep secure resulting in messy removal. The impact of the design makes it a more reliable and easy to use menstrual disc.

  • The Key Features of the Hello.™ Disc are: - Patented and unique double-looped tab - Designed by a period expert and a registered nurse - Designed by people with periods, for people with periods - Made from medical-grade, body safe silicone - Soft, easy to use - Hypoallergenic - FDA registered - Holds more than 5 tampons or pads - Reusable for 5+ years