X Series Smart Bike Lights

  • 2023

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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DING Bike Lights

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Producing two light zones within the one small light. The unique ground facing light zones front and rear of the rider, communicates the riders speed and position distinctly. Gesture technology included, allowing the cyclist to control the front beam with a simple wave. Built to last with every part replaceable.

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  • The ability to illuminate the ground around the cyclist with a defined non glare rectangle safe zone, is our unique patent protected point of difference. Our design challenge was to design smaller lights, incorporating and improving our lighting zone technology for both front and rear lights. Create gesture sensing expertise for instant non-contact beam dipping to stop dazzling others on the move. Ensure the new products includes the right to repair for all its parts and offer replacements for all of them. Our Research showed that 97% of competitor lights are non-repairable and not easily recyclable, ending up in landfill.

  • The right to repair, is the right thing to do. Designed and assembled in Australia. Using one piece of machined aluminium for the housing and mount, set the design on the right path for premium quality and environmental responsible design, using minimal parts. The lens is screwed down to the housing while compressing the one seal, which also holds in place the PCB, down facing optic lens and battery. No glues used or required. The battery has easy access for customer replacement. The straight forward assembly and part change outs is key to the minimal clever design aesthetic.

  • The X Series smart lights are designed to be hardy, while offering big light output from its small size. Along with the unique photometric safety qualities, ease of use features like: One handed mounting, gesture wave light control, auto shutdown and dual USB-C cable charging are central to the unassuming simple design aesthetic. No glues, or non-repairable parts was a key necessity. The right to repair is designed in from the concepts and the recyclability convenience for all its parts is right move for our modern times. This is supported also by offering of all parts for later purchase.

  • Good design that goes beyond its minimal outer aluminum surface and hard coated polycarbonate lens. A powerful 32-bit processor independently drives all five LEDs through two bespoke optic systems that ensure every lumen is exploited wisely and not wasted. Ambient light, gesture, motion, and temperature sensors ensure every ride, everywhere keeps you safe. With one constant press of the on button the battery RGB LED indicates the amount of remaining battery, a quick double press, and the light springs into life in the mode last set. One long press and it turns off. The down facing light can bet independently set up for all the night modes. XR1 Rear light Daytime mode is one of the brightest in the market visible from over 2 km away. Ingress tested to IP 66 ensure all weather riding is covered. The handlebar and seat post mounts are made from aluminum, with an internal replaceable silicone insert for the female cam lock, tuned to ensure a good tight fit with twist locking haptic feedback. The mounting packs cover most seat post and handlebar configurations. Four stainless steel screws hold the light together and access to change battery and its process is easy and safe.