• 2016

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    Sport and Lifestyle

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  • Minelab Electronics Pty Ltd
  • Planet Innovation Pty Ltd
  • Katapult Design Pty Ltd

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Minelab Electronics Pty Ltd

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GO-FIND is taking treasure hunting beyond just the hands of enthusiasts.

GO-FIND is an innovative, highly functional metal detector designed for the consumer market. It delivers hi-tech performance in a friendly, easy-to-use format that encourages the novice to get outdoors and explore.

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  • GO-FIND's lightweight, collapsible configuration is a first for entry-level products in this Sports and Leisure category. It offers a compact yet robust solution which has been well received by users. Its design focuses on the user experience and new-brand aesthetic. The product is desirable and responsive. Its contemporary good looks go hand in hand with some of the most advanced technology in its category. The GO-FIND range gives the novice user a high-performance product without the common barriers to entry found in traditional metal detectors. Its intuitive, lightweight design and innovative features enable users to quickly grasp the basics and enjoy the rewards of metal detecting.

  • GO-FIND is ready to use in seconds thanks to its collapsible, permanently-assembled construction. In contrast, other devices require the user to complete tedious assembly every time they're used, detracting from the user experience and increasing the likelihood of damage. • Compact and portable - Clever telescoping; simple, robust latches and locks; internal cable design. • Lightweight yet robust - Go-Find is 20% lighter than similar detectors, making it more comfortable for longer periods of use. Clever design allowed parts to be injection moulded in low cost commodity plastics, but retain the torsional strength and stiffness of comparable metal components at a fraction of the cost and weight.

  • GO-FIND incorporates a robust proximity-touch user interface and considered GUI with a number of innovative features: • Treasure-view LEDs - Quick and easy discovery recognition. The LED array indicates when an item has been discovered, how far beneath the surface it is and what type of metal it is. • Ground Balance configuration is automatic and completely transparent to the user so they avoid the typically complex process of manual configuration. • Solid-state capacitive touch buttons are slightly recessed into the handle, making them easy to find and use. • Intuitive iconography and simplified masking (find modes) offer an improved experience for all users, regardless of experience.

  • The design team was challenged to deliver a consumer product that was lighter, more robust and easier to use than it's competitors. To achieve this, considerable effort was put into optimising the design for manufacture. GO-FIND replaces all metal fabrication with snap together injection-moulded parts. Unlike it's predecessor, it require no steel frame, TIG welding, powder-coating or complicated assembly, dramatically reducing manufacturing costs, improving reliability and robustness. The integrated coil design allows calibration during final assembly, not independently, reducing time and cost to manufacture. This is an industry first and achieved through a break from conventional thinking.

    Minelab has been a leader in high end detector technology for more than 20 years, but the increased competition has put pressure on market share. GO-FIND is a key component in an overall product strategy that looks to revamp and refine the Minelab range, so it was important that the design aesthetic was both distinctive and long lasting. The detector range uses more consumer based styling cues and contemporary surface treatments to suggest technology without being intimidating. The final result is a new, cleaner aesthetic like nothing else in this market. It sets an updated brand image for the next 10 years that Minelab has already starting building on with other new products.

    GO-FIND has an integrated Bluetooth link that enables it to pair with free Apple and Android smartphone apps. Allowing users to further explore the advanced features in their product as they gain experience with their metal detector. With the app, users can plot their finds on Google Maps making it easy to capture what they found and where, and share their excitement with friends on social media.

    GO-FIND has been carefully designed to be suit users ranging from 10 years old to adult. Apart from it's previously mentioned lightweight construction and intuitive fold-out design, GO-FIND incorporates a high degree of adjustment to ensure ergonomics are optimised. The 2 stage main shaft offers 500mm of length adjustment that is easily locked. The coil utilises an adjustable friction hinge to provide 180˚movement. The armrest discreetly slides out from it's home position with up to 230mm of adjustment. The main handle has been carefully considered to be comfortable for single-handed use for children and adults, with both handle girth and button reach optimised for comfortable use over long periods.