Nissan Pathfinder

  • 2023

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    Automotive and Transport

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Nissan Motor Corporation

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Proving that style needn’t mean sacrifice, the all-new Nissan Pathfinder is powerful, comfortable, practical and entirely fit for purpose, all while keeping smart, stylish and functional design as its centrepiece.
The 2023 Nissan Pathfinder allowed Nissan’s designers complete freedom to marry their design vision with family friendly flexibility.

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  • In a competitive SUV market, standing out is harder than ever. Ensuring the Nissan Pathfinder stands out was a challenge. Stricter emission standards as well as mandated crash-test requirements have also made it increasingly difficult for automotive designers to express a bold look. Nissan’s design team needed to ensure this all-new model stayed true to the Pathfinder’s heritage, as a rugged and capable model, while also meeting modern consumer expectations for an efficient and safe vehicle. Finally, creating a sleek and stylish design that also delivers on practicality and capability promises was a challenge Nissan’s designers rose to.

  • Under the direction of Ken Lee, Nissan’s Global Design Centre in Japan was able to create a bold and unique design that fits perfectly within the current family of Nissan models, while also standing out amongst the Pathfinder’s rivals. The all-new Pathfinder has design elements that call back to previous generations, while remaining completely contemporary and meeting all modern design regulations and safety standards.

  • The new Nissan Pathfinder’s design is perfectly resolved, providing the right combination of strength and capability that will attract attention. It manages to combine form and function by delivering a fresh and unique appearance among its competitive set, while also providing increased space for occupants. It does this while meeting all of the most stringent safety requirements that are mandated in the automotive industry. The new Pathfinder also provides a notable step up in quality over its predecessor, making it a class leader in terms of material choices, interior design and functionality.

  • The all-new Pathfinder is shorter than the model it replaces, but is wider and taller, which means it provides increased room for occupants - a critical element for any family focused vehicle. The clean new design has also slimmed the pillars and delivered a more muscular appearance with flared wheel arches and an integrated rear spoiler. On the side, strong U-shaped highlights fuse the powerful fender blisters together, providing a tough, muscled look. In the rear, the wide-aspect LED taillights are slimmer than the previous design. The boxed-out boot returns to the boldness of the first Pathfinder, including the oversized PATHFINDER name badge. Even the new aluminium-alloy wheel designs have a machined, tool-like seriousness to them. New slim-line lighting clusters front and rear are all-LED, with active matrix pattern control for the headlights, while the three-slat V-motion grille pays design homage to the original Pathfinder. It’s this marrying of old and new, historic and contemporary, that makes the Pathfinder such a stand-out vehicle.