• 2022

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    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • Andrew Rogers
  • ARID (Andrew Rogers Industrial Design)
  • Grant Jorgensen (Graphic Design)

Commissioned By:

Jeffry Grosset

Enseal Global

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Enseal is an integrated digital closure that provides immutable record system including geo and date stamping, of every stage of product sourcing, processing and packaging, which also allows easy verification of product provenance, authenticity and seal integrity, instantly, at and prior to the point of purchase

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Image: Grant Jorgensen (photography)
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  • Without detracting from the accepted aesthetics of wine bottle closures, design and manufacture an electronic seal that incorporates a digital tamper evident seal that can be easily read with a hand held smart phone it must remain easy to open but not get damaged in normal use and transport. Major challenge associated with the Enseal design besides the technical issues of mass production was to ensure the aesthetics fell within the normally accepted visual appeal of wine closures, simple elegant, normal. Industrial design must be an enhancement of the experience not a distraction, the Enseal by ARID achieved this goal

  • The key to the Enseal system in wines is the technology within the custom designed capsule, which retains the functionality, aesthetics and feel of the established screw cap, including the experience of breaking the seal. Enseal utilities ‘TagTamper’technology scannable by most smartphones , allowing the provenance of each bottle to be confirmed, as well as seal integrity, as the electronicnsignature alters the instant the cap is opened. All the information on the contents is recorded within the capsule. Every cap also has read/write capability and storage to allow data to be added/retrieved over the lifetime of the bottle

  • Wine is a high value product with customers that are very sensitive to change, Enseal seal has been vary carefully designed to be almost invisible to the end user and can also be incorporated in cork and wax sealed bottles, unless you are familiar with the technology the Enseal will go unnoticed and will not cause concern to the purchaser of fine wine or high end spirits, one can simply scan the closure with their smart phone and confirm the contents is genuine and has not been opened or tampered with. Also available in a very traditional wax version.

  • Each Enseal closure has a unique unchangeable serial number that can be geo located on the bottling line and set at time of bottling to ensure security and integrity can be combined with geo-location and retrievable time and date information for each individual cap. Enseal contains patented technology. Enseal production machinery has been containerized so that it can be shipped to the region that the closure is needed, this reduces the shipping cost reduces damage and eliminates the need for packaging material for the closures during transport, it also provides an additional level of security in that the geo location of the manufacture of the seal can be included in the data pack validating the authenticity of the wine.