EGO POWER+ 900m3/h Blower

  • 2016

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The EGO POWER+ Blower, is the industry’s first cordless blower to offer 900m3/h of air volume capability. Built on the proven design and features of the EGO 56V Power Plus ARC Lithium platform, the 900m3h Blower is the next evolution in EGO’s air-moving outdoor power equipment offering.

Powered by the industry’s most advanced 2.5Ah ARC Lithium-Ion battery, and incorporating the very latest in fan turbine engineering and performance characteristics, the new 900m3h Blower sets a new standard in cordless rechargeable blower performance and design.

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  • Garden maintenance typically comes with a level of mess. Whether it's falling leaves, trimming hedges, mowing lawns or tidying up bushes, all these activities typically result in the creation of debris, which individuals often seek to remove to ensure their garden is looking neat and tidy. As opposed to tackling this task by hand with a manual tool, a time-saving, easy to use blower is often preferred. Manufacturers to date have released numerous versions of blowers into the outdoor power equipment market. However, users have had to compromise, choosing the inconvenience of petrol or lower performing electric and cordless variations. The petrol powered versions, typically offer acceptable levels of power and run time, but at the trade off with excessive weight, heat and the usual noise, fuss and fumes associated with petrol powered outdoor power equipment. The cordless blowers generally lacked run time and air volume capability. They also needed significant time to recharge. The 240V mains powered units limited user mobility and operation. Incorporating EGO's proven Power Plus ARC lithium technology, which has led the industry in terms of power, performance, run time and recharge times, EGO engineers set out to develop the next evolution in EGO's air moving outdoor power equipment offering, with the aim of creating a high performance blower suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

  • The 2.5Ah battery, included in the 900m3/h Blower Kit, is the most advanced lithium-ion battery presently available in the outdoor power equipment category. Taking nearly a decade for Chervon's Research and Development team to develop, at the heart of this industry leading power source is an advanced power management system, which has been designed with intelligent heat management, for higher, more efficient and stable power release. EGO's batteries control heat by a combination of unique mechanical, chemical and electronic design features, build into each battery. Mechanical: ARC shape to exchange the heat with the air Chemical: Phase change material applied to lower Ah batteries to absorb the heat actively Electronic: Single-cell temperature monitoring to detect & prevent overload prolonging battery life and run time Powered by the industry's most advanced 2.5Ah ARC Lithium-Ion battery, the EGO POWER+ Blower offers users up to 75 minutes of continuous run time on low speed and can be fully recharged in just 2.5Ah batter in just 50 minutes. Users also have the option of purchasing EGO's industry leading rapid charger, which will fully recharge the battery in only 30 minutes.

  • The EGO POWER+ 900m3/h Blower features an easy-to-use variable speed dial, enabling the user to precisely regulate blower power. Users can choose from low-speed, which produces 440m3/h air volume and 80km/h air speed, to high-speed, which offers 675m3/h air volume and 136km/h of air speed. A Turbo Boost button is also fitted, which when engaged, offers users an industry leading and industry first 900m3/h of air volume, with wind speeds of 176km/h. The EGO POWER+ Blower is the first blower of its class to perform with an industry leading 900m3/h of air moving power. It is presently the highest performing cordless blower available, offering an extra 50m3/h over the top performing cordless blowers on the market. The Blower also features a high efficiency brushless motor, offering users increased efficiency, longer run time, lower vibration, extended motor life and improved power.

  • EGO POWER+ Blower has been carefully designed and engineered to offer users optimum performance, safety and ease of use. Key elements in the products design are outlined below: • D-Handle with Anti-static absorption The Blower incorporates an ergonomic D-Handle that ensures user comfort and easy operation. The handle also incorporates an anti-electrostatic absorption plate, to discharge any static electricity carried by the user. • Multi-directional Air Intake The Blower incorporates a Multi-directional Air Intake, a unique innovative design not seen before in its category. This unique design enables the unit to draw air in from almost any angle, which greatly improves performance and reduces chances of motor overload or blower fan stall, should the airway be obstructed. • Anti-Vibration Chassis The Blower handle, battery and stand incorporate vibration-dampening mounts, which are internally fitted to ensure that users benefit from minimal vibration when operating the blower. • Anti-Vibration Chassis The Blower handle, battery and stand incorporate vibration-dampening mounts, which are internally fitted to ensure that users benefit from minimal vibration when operating the blower • 81mm Blower Tube Diameter A large 81mm diameter blower tube maximises air flow and blower performance. • 484mm Tube Length A high performance 484mm blower tube is fitted to maximise unit performance and help users direct the air flow precisely where it's needed. • Weather Resistant Design Ensuring unit and battery stay dry and continue to perform.

    Inspired by advanced aeronautics technology found in modern jet air craft, the EGO POWER+ Blower incorporates the latest in turbine fan engineering. This unique approach to air movement blower design, enables the unit to produce an impressive 900m3/h of air volume power, as well as increases operational efficiency and overall performance.

    As well as allowing cordless maneuverability, the 2.5Ah EGO 56V POWER+ Battery supplied with the Blower kit has been carefully designed to be interchangeable with the full EGO range of outdoor power garden equipment, such as line-trimmers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers and mowers.

    The EGO POWER+ Blower also features a unique innovative industrial design, never before seen in the cordless blower outdoor power equipment category. Our engineering and design teams have carefully constructed a blower design that not only performs exceptionally well, but offers a truly unique visual appeal, highly desired by the Australian gardener. Industry leading warranty Owners of the EGO POWER+ Blower are rewarded with the confidence of a 5-Year Warranty on the Blower, and a 3-Year Warranty on the Battery and Charger.