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The Dome is an innovative, beautiful, versatile, and pro-grade pizza oven that does so much more than just amazing pizza. Designed for home outdoor cooking enthusiasts, home cooks, chefs, and street pizzaiolos alike, this next-gen pizza oven pays homage to traditional woodfired cooking whilst paving the way for its future.

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  • Home pizza ovens first emerged on the outdoor cooking market in the early 2010s. Small, compact, and rigid, the majority of these ovens were a far cry from their traditional origins. However, they did what they said on the tin and made pizza ovens more accessible to the masses. But that’s all they did. With a sizable price tag, consumers were looking for something more versatile, more accessible and an oven that could act as a centrepiece in any outdoor space. As much as they loved the simplicity of cooking pizza, they wanted more from the product.

  • Witnessing the power live-fire cooking holds in bringing people together, we created an oven with an equally powerful pull. Harnessing our commercial origins and drawing on the shape, look and feel of a traditional Neapolitan oven, we ensured its essence and timelessness was present as we walked boldly into the future. Pushing the boundaries of live-fire cooking with unrivalled performance and a range of innovative features, the Dome is the world’s most versatile outdoor oven and makes live-fire cooking easier than ever before. With the Dome users cannot only cook the perfect pizza but also roast, smoke, steam and bake.

  • Propelling the outdoor cooking market to new heights, the Gozney Dome captured the hearts (and stomachs) of chefs, home cooks and design enthusiasts alike selling out globally upon launch in under 8 hours and generating over AU$10 million in sales. The product launch was a catalyst for Gozney, with sales growing six-fold over the last two years. In a growing market, the success of the Dome has further cemented Gozney as a leader in the space, improved the accessibility of live-fire cooking and enabled thousands of home cooks, street pizzaiolos and chefs to experience pro-level performance with ease.

  • TrueDome design: Merging modern and tradition, the Dome is the exact ratio of a traditional Neapolitan oven. Quick connect accessory port: The Dome cooks restaurant-worthy pizza in just 60 seconds – but it can also do so much more. Insert a range of pioneering accessories into the dock to explore and discover limitless possibilities. With a steam injector, rope-sealed door, and Neapolitan arch you’ll be able to roast, smoke, steam or bake. Rolling flame technology: The Dome emits an intense, golden flame, just like a traditional wood-fired oven. No strip burners or blue flames in sight. Unbeatable heat retention: The Dome features a 30mm stone floor and has more insulation proportionate to its size than any other outdoor oven on the market making it easier than ever to reach, maintain and control oven temperature. Built-in digital thermometer: Provides precise temperature readings so you’ll never be left guessing when your food is ready. Two separate temperature probes are also on hand to support and give you readings straight from the source. Stone puck system: Allows users to switch between the gas and wood burner systems with ease.