Axia Mixer Collection

  • 2023

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    Hardware and Building

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Phoenix Tapware

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Axia is a collection of mixer and tapware products for high end architectural bathroom and kitchen interiors. The range’s modern, minimalist design philosophy is founded on the use of modernist geometry that showcases fine details and precision surfaces providing users with an exquisite visual and tactile experience in each product.

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  • Axia’s strikingly minimal silhouette is defined by lever-less handles and ultra-thin cast outlets. These design elements challenge traditional norms in tapware design and truly elevate Axia into a class of its own. The overarching design challenge presented by this range was creating the world’s thinnest cast spout, presenting a range of technical obstacles throughout the entire design, manufacturing and production processes.

  • Phoenix’s designers and engineers worked extensively with manufacturers to push the boundaries of modern casting processes to achieve a spout profile that never fails to impress with its minimalist outline. Each product in the range has been thoroughly optimized and pared back to minimize material usage, reducing embedded energy content and staying true to a minimalist aesthetic. Axia products also make extensive use of innovative progressive mixer cartridge technology that improves product’s usability while not compromising their refined design aesthetic. Temperature and flow rate can be simultaneously controlled through a single movement, making Axia products simple and intuitive to use.

  • Axia makes a bold statement in any modern bathroom and serves to remind us that beautiful design is uncompromising. Axia demonstrates that with enough perseverance, we can design everyday objects that are beautiful and practical while still retaining an artisanal feel.

  • In addition to the beautiful, modernist edge it brings to any modern kitchen or bathroom setting, Axia also prioritizes environmental concerns through its exceptionally low water usage. The Axia basin mixers have been awarded a best-in-class 6-star water rating, using innovative flow restrictor technology to achieve an ultra-low flow rate of 4.5L per minute. Like all Phoenix products, the well-being of the user and the environment has also been prioritized in the design of Axia, right down to material composition and selection. All Axia mixer products make use of new lead-free brass materials, minimizing exposure to lead and other harmful materials that can be found in standard brass products.