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Designed for home use, the DEEBOT X1 OMNI is a robotic vacuum and mopping cleaning system packed with industry-first technologies and designed in collaboration with Denmark’s Jacob Jensen Design. Controlled by voice command or a smartphone, it offers a premium hands-free cleaning experience that vacuums, mops, self-empties and self-cleans.

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  • Customer feedback: -Australians crave more free time away from mundane household chores -People are spending more time at home and need to clean more often -They are looking for more hygienic ways to clean -They want cleaning solutions that are hands-free and intelligent so you don’t need to ‘clean before you clean’ -They are looking for aesthetically pleasing products in their home -They are looking for ways to keep their home clean even when they are not at home - They need reliable technology that is easy to setup and use

  • •OMNI station: Industry First – After cleaning your home, it cleans itself, refills with water and cleans mopping pads. You don’t need to touch it for up to 2 months. •YIKO AI voice assistant: Industry First – talk to your DEEBOT with a range of commands •Incredible Suction and Strongest Mopping abilities to replace manual vacuuming/mopping •Build maps for efficient cleaning and control it anywhere on the ECOVACS Home App. •Intelligence: New AIVI™️ 3D technology uses laser and visual sensing technologies to detect, identify, avoid obstacles. •Jacob Jensen Design: it is now an item every home will be happy to display.

  • Commercial - Sales data from ECOVACS shows high end models far outsell entry-level models. We see this as a demonstration of Australians’ hunger for less-human interaction, better cleaning and more beautiful design. Environmental – More efficient cleaning means less water, electricity and chemicals are used. Societal – Time is one of society’s most precious commodities. Saving time from cleaning gives Australian families more time to enjoy each other’s company, volunteer in the community or work longer hours at essential jobs like nursing or emergency services. Hands free cleaning is also more hygienic, reducing germs and dust and making ours homes safer.

  • The DEEBOT X1 OMNI brings a number of industry-firsts including: •YIKO AI voice assistant – the first time this functionality has been developed for home service robots. •OMNI all-in-one station – the first time all 4 steps have been included in the robot’s charging station (emptying, refilling water, mop cleaning AND drying with hot air). The water tanks are bigger, and hot air drying is unique. •AIVI™️ 3D – is a product of ECOVACS own AI and 3D sensing technologies, which have been a core point of R&D for years, with the first AIVI (Artificial Intelligence with Visual Interpretation) technology launching in 2018 alongside the ECOVACS AI Institute in China. •Mopping - The DEEBOT X1 OMNI features ECOVACS’ strongest mopping system ever - the OZMO™️ Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping System. Mopping pads seen throughout the ECOVACS range have made way for specially designed attachments that vibrate, spin, and maintain moisture efficiently for the ultimate results. •JACOB JENSEN DESIGN – the design house that collaborates with the likes of Bang & Olufsen. This is the first time they have been tasked to redesign a home service robot, and the first time such a prestigious name has been attached to the industrial design of home robotics.