DreamStation Go

  • 2017

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

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  • Philips Design Team

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DreamStation Go is an ultra-portable CPAP system half the size of the regular ones with the same “gold standard” therapy used by over 4M patients every night.

It is critical for CPAP patients to remain active and engaged in sleep therapy when travelling.

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  • - Through quick and iterative user probes we could find the 'sweet spot' for size and understand trade-offs early in the process. - Small enough to be portable but not too small to impact the therapy or credibility. A slim line, low profile form allowed for easier packing and offered more affordances for scalability. - From in-context interviews we observed that patients typically orientate their device to maximize hose length and optimize comfort and therapy - we aligned the outlet port and the UI on the same axis giving the product a clear and consistent direction; improving usability and making the most efficient use of the parts.

  • Current solutions either compromise on therapy and comfort or become a burden due to size and number of parts. This design is to remove this tradeoff by offering the most compact solution whilst maintaining the same therapy. It is one of our first direct to consumer offerings (B2C) meeting the standards of a new type of buying behavior in this space. It gives control back to the patient through an innovative modular design.

  • Complying with all applicable standards and regulations, user is protected from harm and the design safeguards against unintentional use. Color, material and finishing is a very important part in the design process. Major materials used: HPX4.

  • Part of Philips Green products. Philips products are categorized as green products when they are outperforming existing products, competitor products or surpass minimum legislative requirements by at least 10% in one or more of the six key Philips Green Focal Areas. The six key green focal areas identified by Philips are: Energy, Packaging, Substances, Weight & Materials, Circularity and Lifetime.

    DreamStation Go is developed for compliant and engaged CPAP travelers who are looking for a convenient travel solution without compromising on therapy. DreamStation Go offers: - Improved quality of life - Increased longterm therapy engagement - micro-flexible tubing, designed to minimize bulk and improve mobility while you sleep - More freedom - Easier travel experience, designed for easy airport screening - More discretion

    From a business respective we expect to achieve: - Increased market share - Increased brand recognition - Improved profitability - B2C pioneer product

    - Approachable: Clean, focused design. Consumer look and feel with healthcare credibility - Modular: Removable 'sleeves' allow for battery or humidifier modules to seamlessly connect - Compact: Internal power 'brick' means less parts when travelling Relevant: Touchscreen interface with a simple and intuitive UI - Desirable: Premium materials and perfectly balanced in weight It gives control back to the patient through an innovative modular design.