Dog Waste Bags

  • 2021

  • Communication

Commissioned By:

Melissa Woods

Designed In:

New Zealand

SaltBags dog waste bags are regenerative, compostable and a sustainable option for the management of dog and pet waste. Our purpose is to supply pet owners with petrochemical plastic free waste bags that also educate how to effectively manage pet waste at home through the creation of a pet composter.

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  • The design challenge was to think beyond the supply of a dog waste bag without education or correct end of life disposal options. The challenge is environmentally friendly products have been traditionally packaged and branded in brown and green. Launching an environmentally friendly product that does't look 'eco' needed careful consideration for design, launch and messaging. Dog waste bags have been traditionally made from petrochemical plastic, degradable plastic and more recently bioplastic. Each material reacts differently in the open environment and buried in the anaerobic environment of a rubbish dump. Products need a clear pathway for end of life.

  • The design solution was to think beyond simply supplying a bag made from bioplastic. Changing to alternative materials is useless if the consumer doesn't understand how to manage it in its end of life. Every SaltBags dog waste bag is printed with infographics detailing what they are made from, certification and how to make a dog waste composter in the backyard with household items. The product is made from materials that are sustainable sourced, printed with plant based inks, designed to fit essential information for correct end of life disposal on each bag. The entire packaging/product is home compostable/regenerative.

  • SaltBags make a positive impact on society, we are passionate about educating consumers and enabling them with knowledge to live with purpose. Regenerative products improve the environment, reduce pollution and lead to a cleaner and healthier world. SaltBags cut through brown and green clutter in the supermarket pet aisle. The design stands out, photography creates product reach on social. People trust our passion and appreciate our effort to care and educate, increasing customer loyalty. We aren't just selling bags, we educate dog lovers on how to go circular with their dog waste. Printed bags set a benchmark for sustainable design.

  • GM Free cornstarch FSC Cardboard Packaging Plant based ink Cardboard core Certified Home Compostable bioplastic Printed infographics on how to make your own dog waste composter at home Instructional online video showing how to make the composter Packaging colours selected based on on fashion colour trends Patterns selected to stand out on shelf Eco doesn't have to be ugly, eco will be the new way forward Education is a key component of the product, moving to alternative materials does not instantly mean the end user or consumer knows what to do with it. Dog waste in the rubbish dump doesn't break down, the anaerobic bacteria produce methane gas which is much worse than CO2. Bioplastic bags and organic pet waste that aren't placed in the correct end of life can be harmful to the environment. Pet waste in compostable bags can't be added to the home compost, a separate compost heap needs to be set up. Each bag educates on this.