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Shane Gavin

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In 2020, the global spotlight was again focused on issues of racial injustice, civil rights for people of colour and Aboriginal deaths in custody in Australia. My goal was to create a piece of print design which could financially contribute and assist anti-racism movements in the US and Australia.

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Image: Shane Gavin
Image: Shane Gavin
Image: Shane Gavin
Image: Shane Gavin
Image: Shane Gavin
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  • This project was self initiated and had several goals. The main goal was to raise money for anti-racism charities in the US and in Australia. This should be achieved through a piece of meaningful design, while also aiming to show that one designer can make a contribution to the global community-even if that contribution is small. Ultimately, this piece of design should be able be used as a conversation piece to start a dialogue around racial and Aboriginal rights issues.

  • My solution was to create an A5 typographic print using lines from one of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's most famous speeches. I set the quote in the typeface Martin-designed by African American designer Tré Seals. The typeface is based on placards from the Memphis Sanitation Strike of 1968. It is typeset at 57pt, as it was in 1957 that Dr. King gave his original speech. Using blind letterpress on black card, in low light the print appears to be completely blank, it is only when it is lit, the message is revealed-alluding to the message of the quote itself.

  • Prints have been sold across Australia, but also globally, with orders received from: Canada, England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland and several different States spread across the United States of America. All profits raised from sales were donated equally between the Black Lives Matter Global Network based in the US, and Change the Record in Australia. While the project is still ongoing, it has so far raised over $1,000 for charity, however the conversations it has also started are in my opinion much more valuable.

  • Specs: A5 148 x 210mm 500gsm black card stock Blind Letterpress Hand numbered edition of 100 The print was accompanied by a small A6 printed card explaining in detail the meaning and intended outcomes of the project. The most important part of the project in my opinion was for this piece to start a conversation, to get people to think about how their actions might impact others, or to encourage people to have discussions with others on civil rights issues themselves. As a designer I have often felt overwhelmed about a way in which I could do something and as a white, Irish migrant to Australia with a college education, I have been extremely lucky and privileged in my life. I have never been the victim of any sort of racial injustice or mistreatment, and what I take as normal I also take for granted. I hope by taking these admittedly very small actions, and using my design skills, that I have in some way contributed to creating a dialogue for these issues-thereby bringing some light to the issue, and by financially contributing to those who can make a greater impact than me.