Gong Cha Brewing Happiness

  • 2023

  • Communication

Designed By:

  • BUCK

Commissioned By:

Gong Cha

Designed In:


Gong Cha was looking for a character-driven campaign to show Australians how fun bubble tea can be and drive home their tagline of “Brewing Happiness”. The goal was to educate Aussies on the delights of bubble tea, creating curiosity around toppings and to make it an exciting beverage choice.

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  • Gong Cha wanted to make a fun, colourful and lively campaign to inspire the young target demographic of teenage girls towards bubble tea fandom. The client asked us to feature the signature Gong Cha red used in-store and to avoid featuring blues and purples, opting for colours with more appetite appeal. We faced a slight challenge in making the tea fit the design style of the rest of the spot because we focused on incorporating geometric elements while also still making it look appetising and refreshing.

  • The campaign centres an authentic, inclusive family story that embraces imperfection and quirkiness, tapping into Millennials' willingness to expose their kids to diverse foods and brands. Leveraging bold, emotive expression, the campaign showcases a bright colour palette with a variety of textures to make the design pop. The story follows the characters outside on a hot, sunny day, landing at Gong Cha for drinks. The feeling of entering the store is experienced by the characters like opening a refrigerator - cooling and fresh. We added condensation to the cups of bubble tea to communicate just how refreshing this choice would be.

  • The design of this spot will secure Gong Cha’s place in the Australian market by successfully reaching its target demographic of teenage girls. The strategic design uses colours, textures, and other elements that will appeal to this demographic visually, while also taking into account hot days and shows Gong Cha as a refreshing oasis. The design solution achieves the needs of the client and engages the audience with visual storytelling. Ultimately, the strategic design positions Gong Cha as the premier bubble tea chain in Australia.

  • To appeal to the Australian market, we gave the teenage girl characters school uniforms to make it more recognisable. When they drink the tea, the characters transform into more fun, alternative versions of themselves. We incorporated recognisable elements from Gong Cha stores such as their signature red and the vats of tea behind the counter. We tried to keep the aesthetic to geometric shapes and elements with the bubble tea toppings.