Connected Car Experience

  • 2021

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

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Tata Motors Pvt Ltd

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A leading automobile company in India invested millions in new-generation electric and connected vehicle solutions for the ASEAN market. As their design partners, we were entrusted to ensure that the connected app platform becomes successful through a seamless digital experience. This platform catered to individual car owners and fleet owners.

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  • From the business stakeholder's perspective, the challenge was to design and develop an app that would enable users to control key car functions remotely, safely, securely in the most convenient way. However, early on in the project, our design team recognized that the success of the connected application lies in creating a ubiquitous experience - one that lets users focus on driving than using the connected app, at the same time be engaging for the users.

  • User research was conducted in US, Europe, India with EV and non-EV users. Designs were informed by converting user insights into design concepts, which were evaluated through several rounds of user testing. The final designs followed core design principles: 1. Convenient and Ubiquitous: One touch access to 80% functions, universal visual language that caters to a wide range of literacy among users. 2. Safe and Secure: Find my car, geo-fencing breach, valet mode, car immobilization, keep loved ones safe. 3. Behaviour Change: Analysis of driving data influences driver behaviour positively 4. Intelligent design that automatically detects threats and alerts owners.

  • - 92% task completion rate on all the test tasks. - Car to app response time is reduced from 60s to 6s with effective design interventions. - 0% Learning needed to use the app. - User satisfaction score of 9.5/10. - Analytics are presented weekly and after each trip which help the users focus on improving driving. - Client has largest market share in EV business and have driven customer loyalty. - 'Tribe feature' enables car owners to form a community and inspire others to join the green cause. - Usage of EV and app has the potential to impact a billion lives by reducing the carbon footprint.

  • The Indian market is evolving rapidly. A car buyer's decision-making parameters are changing rapidly, and go beyond luxury, taking into consideration things like green future, safety, security, usability and delight when making a purchasing decision. The design takes care of all these aspects, and is one its kind design for the car industry in India. We designed a digitally and physically connected experience with the potential to impact a billion lives by reducing the carbon footprint. Through a Tribe feature car owners could form a community and inspire other people to join the green cause. As the gatekeepers of great end-user experience, we ensured a connected and safe experience, successfully delivering the app in just under four months. Our design firm had a design + development squad who worked pixel to pixel - code to code to ensure the telemetric control unit, the servers and the vehicle control units gave the quickest response and seamless experience in the hands of the users. User experience parameters (like response time from app to car control unit and car function) was a major gatekeeper for rolling out the product.