Quambio – CO2 Tracker iOS & Android App Design

  • 2021

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

Commissioned By:


Manuel Lonfat

Designed In:


Quambio helps track the CO2 emissions of your mobility choices and swap reductions for product rebates and services while being part of a community of like-minded people motivated by environmental issues. In an increasingly polluted world, digital solutions can not only help drive awareness but also action.

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  • Every second, a car emits enough CO2 to fill a cube with 8cm sides, just enough to fit in one hand. Each trip, work-related or otherwise, generates hundreds of such cubes. In fact, every 100km a car emits as much CO2 as an adult tree is capable of removing from the atmosphere annually. In order to educate, motivate and reward people, we needed a solution that would marry sustainability with an activity tracker.

  • The Quambio App helps you ditch your car when heading to work, for short grocery trips, or for any other trips in town. Use a bicycle, walk, or take your electric scooter. It all works on our platform. Users can participate in challenges on the platform, compare your impact to our community of users and contribute to making an impact on the climate change issue. Because let's face it, the best way to avoid CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere to continue rising is to stop emitting!

  • The App works to motivate users to swap traditional methods of transport that emit large amounts of CO2 and start thinking and being aware of solutions that are already available to be carbon neutral. It aims to help bring people together to maintain personal fitness, environmental sustainability and carbon neutrality. The App has a simple focused, minimalist but rewarding concept that helps people track the amount of CO2 they are saving where in most apps help them only track the CO2 being emitted. This brings a huge difference in how users can understand the impact of simple daily actions.

  • In order to keep users motivated to be fit, save on CO2 emissions, we conceptualised a dynamic visual feedback that updates as and when you create more activities that save on CO2 emissions. From starting with a simple clean white background to an updating gradient color as and when you reach certain levels. The App also has a single dynamic dashboard that keeps the users information centralized to provide better readability rather than split infographs. Its designed to have a minimal amount of screens to keep the user focused on the core task of understanding what actions help save CO2 emissions. A cleaner user interface compared to the small amount of apps on the app store helps display accurate information and algorithm insights easily to the Users.