Concourse 3W3S Golf Buggy

  • 2016

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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David MacKay, Concourse Golf

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The Concourse 3W3S (3-Wheel 3-Step) is the world’s most compact golf push buggy. It is a leap forward for convenience and usability for golfers.

The sleek design not only delivers brilliant on course performance but also solves the critical issue of storage with compactness and simplicity of operation.

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  • Compactness and simplicity of operation were the key objectives of the Concourse 3W3S. Its aesthetic qualities are intentionally integrated with the form and structure rather than applied as an afterthought - a driver for achieving streamlined elegance. As a result of its highly focussed design the product looks good when both deployed and folded. The design is as compact and unobtrusive as possible without adding to the dimensions of the golf bag for transportation. When deployed, the buggy has sharp, stylish and streamlined looks. When folded it discretely hugs the surface of the golf bag becoming one visual item.

  • Performance. The design is built upon the 2013 Good Design winning Concourse 2W2S (2-Wheel 2-Step). The all new fully featured 3W3S push buggy measures around 35% of the stowed volume of its closest equivalent. Ease of Use. The deployment, folding and adjustment were conceived to be as intuitive and effortless as possible - "a product requiring no instructions" philosophy. Ergonomics. Deployment and folding are spring loaded and self-locking. The need to regularly fit and adjust bag straps is eliminated as it has an automatic lock-on connection feature - it is then released with one flick of a lever. The handle height is adjustable by 200mm to suit both men and women, and is retained even after folding.

  • Handling and engagement points for folding and deployment are designed to be away from potential entrapment points inherent in a folding structure and a major hazard in conventional folding buggies. Unique automatic locking in the deployed and folded positions prevents accidental collapse or deployment. Projections are minimised and contained when folded to avoid accidental entanglement with other items in the boot of the car or possible injury when handling the bag / buggy assembly. The sequence of actions required in deploying or folding the buggy are carefully considered to be intuitive requiring minimal concentration. The 3W3S is designed to be compatible with all existing male and female cart bags.

  • The 3W3S is a product that: * Encourages more of the world's 60 million golfers to walk rather than drive the course improving player fitness and reducing carbon footprint per round. * Minimises obsolescence by being serviceable and upgradeable, it uses sealed bearings, stainless steel fastenings and no riveted construction - can be fully disassembled with two hex keys if required. * No energy or consumables are used in its day-to-day use. * At its eventual lifecycle end, the large aluminium components - due to their relative value - can be reclaimed at kerb side collections or waste depots. * Being considerably more compact enables more golfers to travel to golf together in smaller vehicles.

    Stainless steel fastenings and composite materials have been used to ensure durability of function, resilience, visual appeal and weight reduction. Whist being at the premium end of the market, the benefits of the entire design make the 3W3S exceptional value for money. The use of large die castings parts is unique to Concourse for the Spine and other structural components. This has allowed a high degree of manufacturing accuracy and integration - and minimised assembly and labour in production. The combinations of materials chosen are unusual for this class of product, however the manufacturer and designers have collaborated very well to produce a uniquely outstanding product.

    Value. The product was designed to sit at the upper end of the market range and offers significant advantages in convenience and ease of use compared to other products at a similar price point. Concourse has consciously made a massive and ongoing commitment to design, research and development in Australia, aimed primarily at an international market. Our products are uniquely innovative and all fit under our tag line, 'Compact. Clever. Quick.' which is at the core of our IP and brand value. The return on investment is expected to be positive as we are confident of achieving upward of 5% market share in an existing buggy market of 3 million units sold per year.

    The design has been developed in Australia over the past 3 years and multiple aspects of the design have been internationally patented. The structural form and mechanical approaches of the design particularly in relation to the main folding joint, operation of the brake, third wheel attachment deployment and locking, height adjustment, are all unique. Choices of materials - die cast aluminium, and glass/resin pultrusions are unique in this product category - all pivotal in achieving lightweight design innovation. There are numerous world first features, including the only 3 wheel buggy that is compact enough to be left on the bag without increasing the overall space required to transport the bag.