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  • 2022

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DA & AVS developed simulation grade digital range finding binoculars that accurately emulate real life equipment & enable military personnel & civilians to train virtually, reducing the cost of training in the field. The Binos accurately calculate the distance of a target and trajectory. This develops muscle memory, making the operator more effective

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  • AVS identified a gap in the market for a high-quality virtual training device to enable military personnel and civilians to fine tune range finding skills in a safe, virtual environment. The Binos bring together the latest technology into one platform with high-definition micro displays, MEMS Gyro, laser tracking and market leading features. These include adjustable focus, eye-spacing, antiglare blinkers and precision button placement to ensure that the Binos are usable, ergonomic and provide the users a close to real world training experience.

  • The high tolerance and high quality Binos deliver the user a multi-use, multi-environment, multiplayer, high fidelity experience. Using the latest spatial-tracking technology which enables real-time movement to directly correlate to virtual reality movements, ensuring that the training replicates real world reactions and training outcomes. Designed and built to last, the Binos have undertaken rigorous product development and testing. The high-impact and high-temperature plastic housing, provide the precision platform needed to mount the optics and micro displays, whilst protecting them from day-to-day use, therefore ensuring the product feels and looks as good as it looks.

  • The virtual simulation range finding binos enable military personnel and civilians to finetune their skills in a single or multiplayer, multi scenario training platform. This saves significant resource use, environmental impact and reduces safety risks caused by infield training. The ability to train using worst case scenarios means users are equipped with the right tools/skills to best handle the situation if it arises.

  • The new Binos outperform the previous model significantly with thanks to the new integration of hardware, and the life-like ergonomic features that have improved the muscle memory of military personnel during training that is required for live combat. The additional key features include: - Life-like ergonomics: “Looks similar but feels like the real thing” - Blinker integration for glare reduction - Integration with common virtual environments - Focal length adjustment – which eliminates the need for users with prescription glasses - Screen to eye positioning which eliminates eye strain and allows for easy adjustment and comfortability, especially when using for long periods - Nose bridge light sensor turns on/off which means the unit is activated automatically when in operation - Four programmable soft keys which allows it to be adaptable for other users - IR Laser optical tracking - MEMS Gyro tracking - 6 DOF (Degrees-of-Freedom) Magnetic Induction Tracking