Captis Multi IoT

  • 2022

  • Engineering

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The Captis Multi v1.2 enables the most remote asset/infrastructure locations to be constantly monitored unattended. Multiple industry standard interfaces (input/output data logging solutions) within the one device that can be deployed anywhere (IP68) and provide valuable, highly secure, and consistent insights.

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  • 1. Numerous input/output options to connect various assets for increased flexibility of use 2. Depending on the location - signal coverage and stability, supply highly reliable coverage enabling secure consistent & frequent data transmission. (reference to antenna capabilities) 3. Battery powered to transmit data frequently and consistently for at least 5 years in extremely remote unattended locations with no access to cabled power

  • 1)Asset Input/Output flexibility a)Sensor agnostic: connects numerous off-the-shelf sensors through industry standard interfaces and protocols. b)Connections;Pulse/Digital Inputs (2);Digital Outputs (1);Analog Input (1);Analog Input (2);Serial Inputs (1);1-Wire Channels (1);Sensor Power Outputs (2) 2)Secure Coverage/transmission GPS External SMA;LTE Antenna Built-in internal antenna, external antenna capability;IP Rating IP68;10 sec Log Interval;5 min Send Interval;Product warranty 5 years/5000 transmissions;Firmware downloads over SSL AES encrypted firmware image file;Data transferred over encrypted connection (SSL/TLS) Tamper protection;Non-removable data storage;Hardware encryption of parameters and credentials 3)Rugged, self-powering performance to survive remote locations. Battery 3.6V 19000 mA;Type “D” Size Non-Rechargeable LiSoCl2 Cellular connected;Embedded SIM;COTA;FOTA

  • Captis provides the edge in IoT-enabled data logging across a range of industries. A universal solution for remote monitoring and measurement over cellular networks, Captis data loggers can be connected to a variety of sensors, meters, and gauges for uses across a range of applications. Securely and reliably connect to IoT networks (Cat-M1 and NB-IoT) with Captis data plans, and easily manage and gain real-time visibility of your fleet of devices with the Captis device management cloud platform.

  • •Designed and manufactured in Australia •Protocols MQTT, MQTTS •Certification RoHS, RCM, CE & FCC •Platform Supported Platform Agnostic including Software AG Cumulocity and •Microsoft Azure •Operating Temperature -20° to 70°C •Unit Dimensions 131 x 90 x 61 (LxWXD) w/ connector 179 x 90 x 61 •Fast log/send •Process Alarms •Cable cut loopback detection •Tamper detection Refer attached data sheet Additional video link - - Water and waste monitoring Exploded video link - Case studies - Rail Temperature Monitoring - Attached in supporting material - Avoiding such catastrophic events as train derailment Sewer Level Monitoring Commercial Submetering Additional cases study work aimed to improve flood-detection and monitoring, as well as providing reliable data for hydro-logic modelling. Entering the Cisco Global Sustainability Challenge, regarding the above.