Can-Am Maverick Trail

  • 2018

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

Designed By:

  • BRP Design and Innovation Team

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The all-new Can-Am Maverick Trail model is a 50” wide entry-level side-by-side vehicle that was designed to address the narrow and tight trails found in many regions while still offering all the fun and performance of a larger side-by-side without any compromises.

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  • The design challenge was to build a vehicle that could tackle the 50”-wide regulated trails, but still offer an ergonomic package that matches a full-size side-by-side. In an existing market with several well established competitors, the second challenge would to have the design team build a truly innovative vehicle that would clearly differentiate from the others and provide real benefits, absent from the current offering.

  • With the slender Can-Am Maverick Trail model, off-road enthusiasts can enjoy the Maverick experience on many public trails and explore tucked-away destinations with ease. And with the stretched wheelbase, the ergo-lock cockpit fits any rider with comfort for those long days out exploring the wilderness. Designed to exhibit heritage from its much larger brother, the Maverick X3 vehicle, the Trail model brings bold design with refined surfaces and deconstructed color blocking to give a strong performance semantic and planted sturdy stance.

  • The Maverick Trail vehicle is powered by two Rotax engine options; both providing great power and efficiency to get the driver through the toughest terrain. In addition, the Maverick Trail model comes with an Eco mode feature that allows the user to select for increased fuel efficiency and better throttle modulation. This narrow vehicle has a planted stance and small footprint, making the impact to the terrain light and nimble, and the compact suspension provides the best ride comfort of the industry.

  • Along with over 100 innovative accessories, some featuring BRP’s quick attach LinQ system, the new Can-Am Maverick Trail vehicle can be personalized for any user’s needs to make it the most versatile side-by-side in the industry.