Protected Mobility Tactical Trainer (PMTT)

  • 2021

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The Protected Mobility Tactical Trainer (PMTT) is a sensory based training simulator designed for armed forces personnel. The simulator allows for the preparation of military personnel for future operations, without the cost, time, maintenance, travel, crewing requirements, and danger of deploying real vehicles into the field for training purposes.

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  • The challenge for the military is how to best train and maintain operational readiness of armed forces in a cost-effective, sustainable, and timely manner. To address these needs, Applied Virtual Simulation (AVS) and Design Anthology (DA) set out to design a simulation platform that could be configured to allow army, navy, and air force personnel to conduct scenario-based training exercises, that would otherwise be cost prohibitive or limited in the frequency in which they could be executed.

  • Design Anthology was approached by AVS to develop an innovative way to enhance, manufacture and transport the PMTT. The stand-out aspects of the design included the fact that it can now be shipped flat-packed, fits through a standard doorway, uses an existing tubular steel fittings system and can be assembled with a single hex key. The previous PMTT design was a large rigid labour-intensive unit to manufacture & assemble. The PMTT is currently deployed in training containers and secure facilities Australia-wide and enables training to be conducted over vast distances and across disciplines within the army, navy, and air force.

  • The PMTT's aim is to help save lives, providing accessibility to training; honing skill levels, decision making and operational readiness of military personnel. PMTT directly assists in the preparation for the battlefield and at significantly reduced costs and carbon footprint than live training. PMTT's digital nature & robust construction allows personnel to run scenario-based training more frequently. Proving to both fast-track training outcomes of new armored transport recruits, while maintaining operational readiness. The PMTT removes the need for fuel, ammunition and specialist training facilities, resulting in training programs that run frequently, with reduced impact on both the taxpayer and environment.

  • The modular platform can be configured to simulate a range of military service utilities, such as HX series trucks, Hawkies, Bushmasters, boats, tanks and 4WD tactical vehicles, with the option to simulate additional vehicles in the future. It can be used as a standalone simulator or can be connected via high-speed internet, to form a multiplatform simulation in which multiple users across Australia can take part in the same simulation. The PMTT can be flat packed, like the 'Ikea model'. It can be easily shipped and assembled in different locations worldwide, while still being durable enough to withstand the ongoing rigors of continuous military simulations. The enhanced platform actuation, enables the PMTT to more accurately simulate real-world conditions, combined with the VR experience, it can deliver the customer an immersive simulation. The nature of the PMTT design and construction, allows it to be easily assembled, disassembled, and transported. It fits through any standard doorway and can be installed no matter the venue or installation constraints. It can also be disassembled in approximately 2 hours, compared to the weekly process for competitors' models.