25 Power and Data System

  • 2022

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    Furniture and Lighting

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Connectivity Reimagined. 25 is an electrical and data system for the future of charging and connectivity in work, education and public spaces. Featuring high output charging and fast data transfer with a clean minimal profile, 25 is a modular system that installs flush into a range of furniture and joinery.

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  • For decades there has been a single power, data and communications standard most manufacturers have adhered to – the desk box. We were presented with the challenge to reimagine a tried-and-true format, to reflect shifts in technology, the spaces it resides in and the shift in how we interact with these spaces and touch points. Concurrently, there is a global shift to condensing our e-waste, reducing unnecessary cables and power adaptors from our everyday life – understanding the environmental impact of having multiple ports and devices. Streamline charging and data transfer to our devices, without compromising on the high-output capacity and speed.

  • 25 reimagines power and data, creating an uninterrupted workspace environment, a considered detail with high functionality. Power and data are delivered simply through single action connectivity in two, four or eight port options. Designed to finish flush, 25 is available in a range of quality metal faceplates – natural brass, stainless steel, black steel or bronze. Flexible to the needs of a workspace, designers can specify power or data delivery based on their project requirements in USB-A, USB-C, Cat6, HDMI. A modular design, 25 can be configured at the time of order or re-configured after years of use via interchangeable ports.

  • Designed for flexibility, 25 seamlessly integrates and activates a range of furniture, booths and break out spaces. A socially and environmentally conscious space requires products that are flexible, practical and intuitive. 25 offers a designed solution with the ability to be re-configured to suit transient or changing spaces. 25 is practical, requiring the user to carry just one cord and make a single action to connect to the system. 25 is a solution to an architectural problem, disguising functional power and data required of a high-powered workspace, creating instead a refined, integrated design detail.

  • Simplified. •Sleek undermount housing with minimal protrusion and visibility. •Locating nodules and a magnetic clasp detail that guides and sets the faceplate for a trimless finish. •A cantilevered pop-up faceplate for ease of removal and maintenance •Height and tilt adjustable port grid for a seamless flush finish - Ability to mount within varying substrate thicknesses between 18-40mm Quality. •The faceplates are constructed in either hand finished and waxed brass, or quality stainless steel. •Undercarriage is finished in a graphite PVD [Physcial Vapour Deposition] for wear resistance and longevity. Configurable. •Mechanism grid with two, four or eight port options •Modular design is configurable during the procurement process and reconfigurable over time Powerful. •ZETR 25 transforms 240V power into high output USB-A and USB-C, using our proprietary 25 IEC junction. •High output capabilities see a single port deliver up to 85W of power – fast charge even the most power intensive devices •Connect with CAT6, HDMI and USB-C for high-speed data connectivity that serves to improve workflow. Serviceable. •Magnetic clasp detail, void of visible fixings. •Configurable IEC leads allow for integration with soft wiring and three pin plug systems. •Safely housed and certified 240V PSU [Power Supply Units] easily accessed for serviceability and maintenance.