• 2021

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Ben Campain

Peter Campain

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The TAPSQUIRE wallet is a premium contactless card wallet that allows a user to individually tap their cards straight from their wallet at the press of a button. Engineered for simple contactless convenience and designed for style, this contemporary Australian design embraces “stylish accessibility”.

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Image: Patrick Saggers
Image: Patrick Saggers
Image: Patrick Saggers
Image: Patrick Saggers
Image: Patrick Saggers
Image: Patrick Saggers
Image: Patrick Saggers
Image: Patrick Saggers
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  • As the world moves contactless in response to COVID-19, cafes, retail stores and Governments across the world continue to encourage tap and go payments in an effort to keep people safe from the spread of the virus. Enter TAPSQUIRE. Originally developed to solve an everyday problem of shuffling through your wallet to find the card you need. This world first innovation focuses on convenience and style in a contactless world. Keeping in mind accessibility throughout the design process, a TAPSQUIRE wallet is easily used with just one hand, while our raised button card holder selectors assist visually impaired users.

  • By feeling and pressing one of the three buttons on the face of the wallet, the coinciding quick flick card holder is released and presents the intended card for the user to tap contactless. A TAPSQUIRE user can quickly make payment, use transport or enter their office without ever having to touch or remove their cards from their wallet. They can then easy close the holder with the same hand. In addition, the finely crafted back pocket is designed for further card and cash storage to ensure a minimal yet practical solution for daily wallet use.

  • We sit at the forefront of a global change. Cash is no longer king and it's demise accelerates further through no touch COVID-19 measures. As we continue towards a contactless world, a cashless society beckons. The RFID protected strong and recyclable aluminium casing provides a long term solution to fast fashion, while also offering security for a user's cards. We're now moving to an award winning eco-friendly cactus leather offering a cruelty free, sustainable leather alternative, without toxic chemicals, phthalates or PVC. We're excited to champion stylish accessibility independence through one-handed use and as a visual aid.

  • Since February 2018, my father and I have been developing this patent pending design. I previously travelled the world as an acclaimed singer/ songwriter expressing my creativity and also assisted Uber through their rapid growth in Australia, while my dad Peter boasts an impressive engineering background spanning over 50 years. Our crowdfunding campaign was funded within 6 hours and landed at #3 most popular fashion product out of almost 30,000 projects across the globe. We have collaborated with Outerspace, sold orders to 35+ countries and officially began shipping in December 2020. In addition to information shared in previous questions. A TAPSQUIRE wallet makes it easy to remove and insert cards when needed for an ATM or to change a card within the card holders. The quick flick card holders are also designed so that the CVV on the back of a card can still be seen without removing it. This makes it easy for a user to access their card details at the press of a button for online or over the phone payments. We also developed an automatic testing machine which meant we could test our wallets with 50,000+ card holder flicks to confirm the longevity of the product.