Brivis Iceberg™

  • 2015

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed In:

Australia / netherlands

The Brivis Iceberg ducted evaporative cooler is a unique design collaboration between Australia’s leading heating and cooling manufacturer and one of Europe’s most innovative engineering design houses. The brief needed a new approach in designing a revolutionary new form of residential evaporative cooling. The project involved an iterative, rigorous design and engineering program, solving numerous challenges to produce an entirely new product with patented heat transfer technology. Throughout the project, the focus remained on developing a product that would alter the product integration and installation process, provide enhanced cooling performance, reduced outdoor noise levels and improved workplace safety.

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  • Where traditional evaporative coolers sit externally, high up on a home's roofline, the Brivis Iceberg is installed within the roof space. This eliminates the typical large 'box' on the roof, maintaining the character and appearance of the home for both homeowners and neighbours. It also enables home designers to comply with local covenant restrictions on roof mounted cooling appliances.

  • Newly developed, hydrophilic enhanced aluminium HydrochillTM Cooling Pads provide higher efficiency cooling resulting in colder air and improved performance. The design also reduces the heat load within the roof space further enhancing indoor comfort levels and lowering summer cooling operating costs. Installed within the roof space, outdoor noise is virtually eliminated.

  • Unlike traditional roof mounted evaporative coolers, Brivis Iceberg does not present the 'working at heights' risks of installation, particularly in multi level applications. Service and maintenance are conducted within the roof space, rather than externally on the roofline. The Brivis Iceberg 'BAL' option, also provides a system that can be used in bushfire areas, with compliance for applications of up to Bushfire Alert Level (BAL) 29. The Brivis Iceberg complies with relevant Australian Standards requirements.

  • The design is new, truly original and is the first of its type in Australia. It is the first to use a 1:1 fan to cooling media ratio. Each one of four fans can be individually controlled, bringing zone control to ducted evaporative systems for the first time. It's the first to ventilate and cool the roof space, providing significant improvement in temperature reduction within the home. Made of lightweight polypropylene, it improves handling, transportation and 'installability'.

    A significant proportion of new home construction incorporates evaporative coolers. In response to market demand for increasingly efficient products to meet modern home designs, the Brivis Iceberg offers a premium product with the additional benefits of improved aesthetics and enhanced cooling performance. Previous Brivis innovations expanded the market for evaporative coolers - this new high-tech design further solidifies the Brivis brand position, built on a reputation for quality, reliability and performance.