Samsung BESPOKE Jet Bot AI+ Robot Vacuum

  • 2023

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

  • Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Commissioned By:

Samsung Electronics Australia

Designed In:

Korea, Republic of

Samsung’s BESPOKE Jet Bot AI+ is the ultimate robotic vacuuming solution for the modern Australian household. Featuring a beautifully sleek design and packed with incredible features, it provides a powerful home cleaning experience. With incredibly innovative features like SmartThings PetCare[1], it provides capabilities that extend beyond standard robotic vacuums’ duties.

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  • Australians want vacuum experiences that provide powerful suction, are easy to manoeuvre, and offer long-lasting battery life while minimising the time and effort required for household chores. 45% of consumers still rate COVID-19 as a global issue of concern[2], putting hygiene at home top of mind for many Australians. Power and convenience mustn't come at the expense of design though. Samsung insights show 46% of Australian vacuum owners think their vacuum is ugly and ruins the look of their home, while 38% say they would vacuum more often if it was easier to access and use[3].

  • Samsung’s BESPOKE Jet Bot AI+ robot vacuum seamlessly combines intuitive functionality with a sleek design to make vacuuming easier for all Australians. With a beautifully minimalistic design, Australians are empowered to display the unit proudly in their homes, complementing their home décor. The BESPOKE Jet Bot AI+ is designed to make vacuuming easier than ever. With innovative features including AI-powered object recognition, a LiDAR sensor for precision navigation, and a state-of-the-art integrated clean station that automatically captures dust/dirt to prevent it from re-entering the home; Samsung has developed an efficient, intelligent automated vacuuming experience.

  • The BESPOKE Jet Bot AI+ makes vacuuming much more convenient for Australian households. It has powerful AI cleaning capabilities, including the ability to intelligently classify floor surfaces and density to automatically adjust suction power and brush speed. The unit automatically recognises rooms and cleans them selectively based on preferences. This is supplemented by intuitive features like SmartThings PetCare[4], allowing users to check in on furry friends from anywhere. It’s also achieved National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice accreditation, with a range of features — such as its multi-layered filtration system that traps 99.999% of dust[5] — that benefit those with asthma/allergies.

  • This innovative product is packed with a long list of incredible features designed to automate the vacuuming process. These unique innovations include: ●State-of-the-art LiDAR Sensor technology: Allowing accurate tracking of the vacuum’s location by scanning a room[6] to gather distance information and help optimise your path. This lets it move around efficiently and cover more of Australian homes[7]. ●3D sensor: Make sure your home is cleaned, without having to check each room for obstacles. The 3D Sensor is designed to precisely scan wide areas[8] using a 3D depth camera. It can understand room structure and obstructions, including narrow or small objects, like cables, even if they are only 1cm high[9]. ●Bixby voice recognition: Allowing users to use voice commands to schedule cleaning sessions, change modes or even ask about news or weather updates[10]. ●Live Cleaning Report: Allowing users to easily track and guide the movement of the unit on a virtual map of their homes in real-time. ●SmartThings remote control[11]: Providing the ability to schedule cleans in single or multiple rooms and define ‘No-Go Zones’ to prevent access to certain areas[12]. ●Washable parts, including all filters and the dustbin for hassle-free maintenance.