Logitech Aurora Collection

  • 2023

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Commissioned By:

Logitech Inc

Designed In:

United States of America

The Aurora Collection features an approachable design language that breaks out of the boldness of traditional gaming to fit our target’s style and personality. It provides unmatched comfort, a dreamy aesthetic, and gaming-grade performance that solves for the needs of women gamers.

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  • Today, women represent nearly 50% of the gaming community. But, gaming products are generally designed for a stereotypical type of gamer - male, anchored PC battlestation player, driven by competition. With the Aurora Collection, we set out to craft a gaming kit that provides high-performance in a package that speaks to the needs of women gamers primarily from a comfort, approachability, and playfulness perspective. In setting out to design principally for women gamers, we created a product that is meaningful for an even larger audience beyond gender and stereotypes.

  • The Aurora collection products are designed to work in harmony through synchronized lighting and family aesthetic. Its customization platform is simple with interchangeable accessories encouraging self-expression. Connectivity protocols and LED behaviors are consistent across the family of products and easy to follow.

  • This launch is our first step into rethinking our product experiences to be more inclusive and representative of our gaming community. Through the development of this collection, we focused our efforts on solving key pain points that remained unaddressed for an underserved audience therefore widening the aperture of product solutions. We hope to continue designing experiences that address specific issues that allow everyone to experience the joy of play equally.

  • Collection of Gaming Mouse, Keyboard and Headset Designed for Social and Casual Gamers