BladeStop – Safety Bandsaws

  • 2022

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • Scott Automation & Robotics
  • Meat Livestock Australia
  • Australian Meat Processor Corporation

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Scott Automation & Robotics

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BladeStop™ is a revolutionary operator aid which significantly reduces the risk of serious injury from bandsaws. Designed and manufactured in Australia with the goal of redefining bandsaw safety culture around the world, this technology targets processors working with high-risk equipment in multiple industries to ensure they can work without fear.

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  • Bandsaws are used in a wide variety of industries with a multitude of applications and processing requirements. Our biggest challenge was to develop a solution which would be applicable not just to operators carrying out slow and controlled cuts, but also those cutting at high speeds and volumes. In addition to this, we also needed to consider the various operator hand placements to control the product going through the blade. This would vary significantly depending on customer-specific applications. Thus, the two most critical design features in our development process were speed and operator monitoring accuracy.

  • To accommodate high-speed cutting applications, we developed a microcontroller based system paired with the fastest mechanically actuated blade clamping mechanism on the market, capable of stopping the blade in under 10 milliseconds. To address operator monitoring accuracy, we opted for a "dual-sensing" system using a combination of two technologies :- 1) GloveCheck™ - Vision sensing system to continuously monitor the trajectory of an operators hands, able to stop the blade before the operator touches it. 2) Body-Sensing - Operator body monitoring system which can sense when an operator comes in contact with the blade, even if obscured by the camera's line-of-sight.

  • Since its conception and implementation, BladeStop™ has made a significant impact on safety in several processing industries. With multiple saves recorded each year, our product has contributed to the 23% reduction in serious injury claims in Australia over the last decade (Safework Australia Statistics). Additionally, we have helped our customers improve both their product throughput and workplace safety culture by eliminating the psychological trauma resulting from a colleague losing their finger in the workplace. The implementation of BladeStop™ has resulted in a significant improvement to the quality of life for bandsaw operators around the world.

  • Our key features include: - - Unique Dual-Sensing operator monitoring system. - Ultra-fast BladeStop™ Braking-Mechanism – Fastest on the market. - Microcontroller based control unit – Responds within a millisecond. - BladeStop™ Connect - Web based HMI system offering real time data on both saw and operator productivity. This system provides useful information to customers so they can manage operator fatigue and training requirements where necessary. It also provides saw maintenance details so customers can ensure the product is always performing at its best. - Fast restart - Ready to cut again less than a minute after a stopping event. - Sustainable - No need to change the blade after a blade stopping event. - Quality, Hygiene and Safety – Designed to conform with international standards - UL, CE, ASNZ 4024, ASNZ 3000. - Convenience – Body-sensing achieved with a single quick-release operator strap, allowing for easy detachment and increased comfort. - Simple and Straightforward – No complexity or unnecessary distractions for operators keeping their focus on the task at hand.