3 Footed Monster

  • 2021

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • Mark Boxer

Commissioned By:

Mark Boxer

Designed In:


The 3 Footed Monster is a universal magnetic mount designed by TV cameraman Mark Boxer. The Australian innovation came about when he needed a fast and easy way to mount pencil cameras inside race cars, but the product has since been used across a range of settings.

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  • Whilst magnets are great, the surfaces they go on are not always flat, so with this design, it allows users to mount the 3 Footed Monster on odd angles, curves and places where most other mounts would struggle.

  • With the 3 Footed monster, you're setup and done in seconds. No clamps, no straps, no tape, no spitting on suction cups. Since the original prototype (with looks terrible) was designed in 2006, I've worked in finding the perfect magnets and other items that make the product work the way it does. 3 different CNC designs have been used for the base to get to the current one and with that we've been able to achieve great quality, strength and aesthetics, whilst still being able to manufacture them at a cost effective level.

  • Being a quality product, the 3 Footed Monster is built strong and designed to last. It's not a cheap plastic throw away item. The packaging is simple and we urge buyers. To date there has been nothing but positive feedback for the product and we love sharing stories with the users of them. One day we could get a photo from someone using one on a crane hook to film for a construction company, the next a couple traveling Australia using it to film their adventures, people using them in workshops, holding phones in gyms. We love it!

  • - Multi-angle neodymium magnets for mounting on odd surfaces - A tether point for added safety - 360 degree CNC machined ball head with a 1/4 20 camera thread - 6061 T6 CNC machined billet aluminium base - Stainless steel bolts and springs to resist corrosion - Added phone clamp and action camera mount