Blackmagic Design – Video Assist

  • 2018

  • Digital

Commissioned By:

Blackmagic Design

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Video Assist 4K is a high resolution monitoring and recording device that pushes the boundaries of usability and innovation in the TV and Film industry. Carefully considered functionality and visual design combine to provide something unique for this type of product: a clear, fluent and enjoyable user experience.

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  • Our objective was to design user interface and navigation system that was clear and logical. With an intuitive interface that should help speed up the users workflow and reduce risk of error.

  • All the main controls are one touch away & are composed of very simple UI elements that prioritise clarity & understanding. The chosen typeface is optimised for the screen: Even strokes, large counters and consistent rhythm ensures high levels of readability at a number of sizes and weights. Icons are crafted to be strong, unambiguous & easy to recognise. The menu content is divided into the five main areas of an operators workflow. The navigation system of tabs reduces comprehension time for new & experienced users. Tabs allow users to jump between different sections with one touch & keeps information in easily digestible groups.

  • The TV and film industry can be a high pressure working environment. The design of the Video Assist interface helps users to do their jobs quicker, easier and with more confidence. But more importantly, it gives them the flexibility and time to be more creative and tell better stories.

  • Media management is clear and unambiguous, reducing errors and increasing user confidence. A variety of fully adjustable exposure scopes allow the user to make pin point accurate judgements on the quality of the captured image. This helps the user to capture the right image first time round saving valuable shooting time. Playback controls allow the user to quickly scrub through and loop clips for on set review. Directors can easily make narrative decisions on set, helping to avoid costly reshoots. The video assist has a selection of shooting guides the help the user to frame, format and expose the image correctly. The user can apply custom looks to preview stylistic choices that they want to apply in post production. This allows a director or cinematographer to make better informed decisions for the positioning, intensity and type of lighting they want to use.