• 2021

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

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Village Cinemas

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Village Cinemas relies on its website to facilitate a large proportion of ticket sales. Research and testing indicated the site was underperforming, the experience involved too many steps and took too long to complete. The site needed to better showcase the different experiences and raise the perception of the brand.

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  • We were asked to improve the overall ticket purchase sequence. Specifically, we needed to consider the different ways in which people purchase a ticket; either by selecting a movie first, the cinema first, or in some cases the 'experience' (ie Gold Class) first. But we also took the opportunity to create a user experience that better reflected a more premium product experience.

  • Session times one click away via the 'Cinema' and 'Movie' buttons. On mobile, they stick to the bottom of the interface. Immersive areas are dark while transactional areas are light and clicking on tabs between each area triggers a subtle fade. Subtle interactions like the spotlight effect that follows the user down the page, the 'V' shape that compresses on scroll, and the easing in/out of menus as they appear/disappear have been carefully considered, prototyped, and implemented flawlessly. We extended existing colour-coding of cinema experiences to photography, movie tags and interface elements to help with wayfinding.

  • Measuring the performance of the site has been tricky over the past year with COVD-19 restrictions heavily affecting sales. However, the conversion rate of the new website has increased by between 20% and 25% since going live. Mobile usage has also improved significantly, representing a much larger proportion of ticket sales than ever before. Additionally, through our extensive collaborative and transparent user-centered approach, we have helped Village Cinemas establish better processes and behaviours that will ultimately make for better digital products and a more satisfied customer.

  • In summary, key design features include: - Convenient calls to action - Simple ticket selection sequence - Assignment of dark and light themes for experiential / transaction content - Subtle 'v' animation on scroll - Subtle spotlight effect in the background on scroll - Responsive design across all devices