PSCore Public Safety Mobility Solution

  • 2022

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

Commissioned By:

Motorola Solutions, Inc

Designed In:


PSCore is a mobile phone and tablet application for frontline public safety officers. It delivers real-time critical intelligence for in-field operational agility. As a purpose-built application integrating existing back-end systems PSCore helps emergency responders identify safety risks, manage in-field tasks, develop insights, take actions, and report incident outcomes.

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  • Emergency responders face complex challenges requiring access to key information for efficient time critical decisions. They are limited by disparate technology solutions as they monitor, prepare, respond, and report on specific incidents. This hinders their ability to protect life, property, and community safety. Designers were challenged to improve officer safety, productivity, and situational awareness by removing the limitations of siloed technologies and delivering information on familiar devices. Their goal was to create a consolidated user experience eliminating conflicting interfaces while providing a simple summary of operational activities. This would enable a focus on tasks and outcomes instead of tools.

  • Designers identified four primary user activities for specific module development: Tasking, Searching, Event Reporting and Activity Logging. Prior to PSCore, each need was delivered by a different solution causing users to lose focus and miss critical information required for timely and informed decisions. PSCore unifies existing systems and is delivered via an Android or iOS application developed for smartphones, tablets, and Apple CarPlay vehicle applications. Users who were previously inundated with various methods of database search, ID lookup, reporting tools, and information sources now have a single coordinated source of information and guidance.

  • Society benefits when public safety teams provide coordinated, effective emergency response for the communities they serve. Effective communication and information flow is crucial for this to succeed. PSCore improves response effectiveness by delivering the right information at the right time in the right format. Extending key information and workflows to the field with Android and iOS apps on phones and tablets keeps officers productive and communities safe while providing actionable information and insights in a usable format. The PSCore design positively impacts community well-being by empowering officers with improved awareness and decision-making through a purpose-built in-field mobile experience.

  • PSCore offers the following functionality: Informed Tasking For Effective Response : Improves situational awareness and connects with critical information for an informed, coordinated and rapid response when needed the most. -In-field command and control -Voiceless dispatch -Proactive patrol objectives -Shift Activity log -Communications Expedited Data Capture For Paperless Reporting: Streamlines information and evidence capture by reducing manual or redundant tasks and enabling digital report submission from the field. -Real-time capture, update and sharing -Accurate and quality data -Reuse of data -Minimized user keystrokes -Field Submission Consolidated Tools To Accelerate The Mission: Purpose-built digital tools assist public safety officers and add velocity to workflows with the right information at the right time. -Real-time data access -Query necessary databases -Work autonomously -Voice transcription and dictation -Consistent UI