• 2017

  • Communication

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Bare Cosmetics

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One of the brands guiding philosophies is biomimicry.

With that, we looked to nature for both inspiration and direction.

The packaging’s visual language and form design represent nature at its very best.

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  • The design solution was to reflect natures inner workings in a very transparent and vivid way. This is captured through material usage, the frosted glass bottle, the leaf shaped dropper and the brilliant radiographic images. The bottle is frosted glass with an injection molded plastic applicator. The neck label is self adhesive printed CMYK, plus two spot colours, hot foil stamped with an all-over satin varnish. The carton uses Heaven 42 for its high-white property, providing a pure background for the luminous images. Their depth and detail achieved using stochastic screening. Hot foil stamping and a subtle satin all-over varnish provide the final touches.

  • The visual language is very pared back, giving a real honesty to it. This reflects the basis of the product contents, only select botanicals make up each serum and nothing artificial is added. The design solutions sings due to its simplicity and clarity. Nature has a wonderful way of illustration beauty in a very understated fashion and this was what we wanted to harness through the design. Even the brandmark is cut to be assertive but not brash, confident but not cocky. We pursued an understated elegance for the final design solution and worked to capture this through every aspect of the packaging.

  • We partnered with industrial designer Vert design to develop the unique form and define a new delivery system.The tear-drop bottle form allowed us to give the product a sense of preciousness not only from a tactile point of view but also from a literal point of view, holding only 45ml. We wanted to redefine the category language with the dropper, moving away from pedestrian knowns to create a completely new system. Its shape is derived from a leaf and it is engineered in such a fashion that it captures enough serum for one application. Ridges hold the serum as it is removed but allow it to drop in to the palm in a slow and controlled fashion.