AusAir AirWeave Merino Mask

  • 2022

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    Medical and Scientific

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Built from advanced natural materials, the AirWeave mask provides filtration from submicron contamination while reducing the problem of waste pollution. Featuring the world’s most breathable filter media with industry-leading protection and combining cutting edge manufacturing processes with reusable and durable natural fibres.

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  • Since March 2020, roughly 129 billion disposable face masks are being thrown into landfills every month. The majority of these masks are made from virgin plastics and designed for single use, this level of consumption and waste is unsustainable and wreaks havoc on our environment. Because of this, AusAir made the decision to refuse to create masks to protect against air pollution whilst consciously contributing towards waste pollution. We have created the AirWeave Mask for longevity not landfill by using the latest in material science to design products that are both durable and sustainable.

  • The AirWeave Mask features two core components, each designed for a specific function, using natural materials that are reusable and long-lasting. The outer skin utilises Merino wool, selected for breathability, low-humidity and thermoregulation. AusAir creates the skin as a single textile piece, enabling a structured shape which allows the mask to sit off the face. The AirWeave Filter also uses wool, but in a different way. Using advanced manufacturing, the wool fibre is electrospun into a matrix, forming the most efficient filter in the world. The result is an electrostatic field which captures submicron particles at the lowest airflow resistance.

  • Sourced from Australian Merino Sheep and using only the wool with optimal filtration properties the AirWeave Mask prides itself on using the finest in natural fibres to produce the outer skin and the filter. Partnering with industry-leading experts at CSIRO, AusAir’s filtration media is on the cutting edge of scientific innovation. AirWeave is the only filtration mask in the world to imbue Australian Merino wool with electrostatic charge, enabling filtration of the finest submircons. The result is a mask that uses less virgin plastics, is built to last and has reusable filters. Combating the excessive waste generated by single-use masks.

  • The AirWeave outer skin is manufactured with processes that minimise residual waste. The mask skins are woven using AirWeave technology created on one machine, as one piece, enabling a structured shape and reducing yarn wastage. Unlike its synthetic counterparts, Merino wool acts as a dynamic buffer by stabilising temperatures and humidity levels, adapting to both hot and cold climates, making the mask highly user friendly no matter the context. An embedded certified copper nano layer in the filter guards against deterioration from microorganisms and inhibits the growth of bacterial odours, keeping the filters fresher for long, leading to increased reusability. The masks anti-fog system combines 3D memory nose foam, adjustable nose bridge and ear loops allowing the mask to effectively shape to the contours of different face morphologies. This ensures a tailored fit and no gap in the seal. The AirWeave is the most breathable filtration system in the world, providing high airflow and low pressure build up. This means exhaled air’s least point of resistance is the filter, not the nose bridge which leads to glasses fog.