Armourline Polymer Door Frames

  • 2020

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Steve Gallehawk

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Armourline Door Frames are a revolutionary polymer door frame, manufactured to eliminate the large maintenance costs of doorways in constant use within hospitals, aged care, food production factories and laboratories. They offer a high impact, low maintenance, easy clean sterile finish.

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  • Hospital door frames and doors incur huge damage and broken paint harbouring bacteria and costing vast sums of money to maintain. Our brief was to manufacture a door frame that never requires painting, does not harbour bacteria, is impact resistant, non-rusting, cheap to build, fast to build and easy to install. The goal was to provide a cost saving of to the end user of $5mil per hospital per annum by utilizing our product. Modelling on early sales indicates that we can provide savings far in excess of that figure.

  • Our product shows a proven ability to save hundred of millions of dollars state wide in hospital maintenance costs. It delivers far more to the end user than ever planned for. The design brief required infinite manufacturing flexibility to meet demand. We developed a manufacturing methodology that allowed for unlimited variation in design, 58 billion different door frames per colour choice. The outcome was a production line that has the bespoke qualities of 3D printing and the economy and speed of mass production with unrivalled accuracy.

  • Our product has the ability to save our state hospital system hundreds of millions of dollars in ineffective and ongoing maintenance costs in hospitals. This money can be better spent on improved health care. Our product although plastic, reveals a massive environmental win through its life cycle assessment and is fully recoverable and recyclable at the end of its life. It leaches nothing, emits nothing, is food grade, has no smell and no taste. When it eventually breaks down, it breaks down into simply carbon and hydrogen, the 2 most common elements in the universe.

  • While we believe the aesthetic value of our product to be very acceptable, it is worth noting the following. The product needed to be not just pretty, but clever by design, street smart, endlessly adaptable and capable of fixing the big problems. Armourline Door Frames were designed for manufacture in Australia, designed to offsetting our high labour costs through intelligent design and cost effective manufacture. If we Australians don't wont to work cheaper, we had better work smarter. We believe our product does this in spades and has far exceeded the design brief, offering enormous benefits to the end user the economy, the environment and our manufacturing industry.