Adapt Cable Trainer

  • 2020

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The Adapt Cable Trainer provides all the benefits of full body training and rehabilitation while avoiding the bulk and safety concerns of weight-based machines. Its ultra-compact form is unobtrusive and has a level of sophistication that allows for true integration into any space at home or work.

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  • Most cable trainers use weights to deliver resistance. These ‘home gyms’ are heavy to ship, install and move; require dedicated space of several square metres and typically mimic the appearance of commercial installations. While commonplace, they are broadly unsuitable for smaller, urban homes and apartments. The challenge thrown to the team was to imagine how full body training could sit comfortably in a more compact and aesthetically sophisticated domestic setting. Additionally, we looked to move beyond the cumbersome set-ups and weight changes traditionally required and instead provide a wide range of programmes via a few simple touch points.

  • The solution was manifold. Wall mounting adds stability, frees up floor space and positions the trainer so that it is simultaneously ‘out-of-the-way’ and instantly ready for use. Size and mass are drastically reduced with nitrogen-filled struts providing equivalent force to cast-iron weights at 1/10 of the mass. An internal cable path and swivelling guide head give full cable extension in all directions, with moving parts safely enclosed in a compact form factor. A major design effort has ensured all interfaces are intuitive, with new exercises set simply by sliding the unit on its track and selecting force via a dial.

  • The Adapt Cable Trainer sets out to provide fitness and health benefits to a broad demographic. Structured exercise that retains muscle mass, improves mobility and rehabilitates injury is critical to the health and well-being of the general population and the Adapt Cable Trainer makes this exercise readily available outside the commercial fitness environment. The design solution removes many of the barriers that prevent the uptake and use of other conventional home equipment and has the potential to tap a growing market sector and establish ADAPT FIT as a design leader in the health and fitness sector.

  • The 6 incremental weight selections featured in the Adapt Cable Trainer cater for applications starting from lighter weight toning and rehabilitation exercises right up to complex movement patterns and major muscle group workouts. This versatility is further enabled by the nine mounting heights and the ability to reverse mount the unit to bring the cable exit almost to the floor. Various unique accessories have been designed to perfectly match the product and facilitate each exercise group. Purchase also includes instructional and training material in both print and digital format with an online support platform featuring video instruction on a range of individual exercises and workouts. The system is shipped in a single package with the wall track supplied in shorter sections for ease of transport; additionally, all materials for wall mount installation are included.