• 2016

  • Communication
    Branding and Identity

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700 Bike

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700bike is an information platform for brands and trends of new generation bicycles. Its aim is to bring a new solution to users riding throughout the city more easily, happily and intelligently, realizing a smoother urban transportation mode.

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  • In Chinese pronunciation “7 o'clock” is phonetically similar to “origin” or “starting point”, we subtly created the figure “700” into a time concept “7:00 (7 o'clock)”. Originating from this time concept, the logo we design implies that 700bike is the origin or start of new bicycle culture and fashionable lifestyle in China. Besides, considering a colon generally implies a statement, representing the start of a speech or a story, we ingeniously combined colon with "7:00", thus conveying a bicycle culture and fashion trend as well as the life attitude of 700bike.