Bankwest Campaign

  • 2022

  • Communication

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What started as an animated ad starring a lycra-wearing cyclist named Brenton has blossomed into a multi-year campaign spanning TV, out of home, print, and digital. A lovable family of characters has done everything from buying a home to shredding paperwork with a chainsaw.

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  • Our main challenge was in building a creative direction that met the demands of the evolving advertising landscape for banking. Banks have moved away from their once corporate image to appeal to the casual, tech-savvy younger generation. Establishing an entirely 3D approach was a bold move for Bankwest, and it was our task to ensure the world we constructed tread the fine line between light-hearted and premium. Simplify things too much and they become childlike and naive. Too realistic, and things feel stale and old-fashioned. Cross-checking our designs against the wants and needs of our audience was a must.

  • The campaign extends well beyond the screen to billboards, buses, trams, and storefronts. We’ve even turned one character into a life-size cutout. Like in the films, the stills use these characters to tell a story that speaks to a Bankwest product or service. The library of assets is evolving and growing over time.

  • The lack of limitations in 3D means we’re free to amplify narratives so they’re a little quirkier and unusual. Bankwest has pushed the boundaries for what’s considered acceptable for banks, leaning heavily on humour to create memorable campaigns. This seems to have influenced other Australian banks who are beginning to use humour and 3D as a tool to attract a younger audience.

  • At the heart of this campaign is the Bankwest family of characters. The backbone of every script, this bonza bunch includes Brenton, Benita, Barney, Bernadette, Bryce, Brittany, Benjamin, Basinta, Bevan, Bella, Bradley, Bianca, Brenna and a dog named Fido. jk. It’s Barker. We created a male and female body shape that we use for the entire cast. To keep things fresh, we’re expanding each character’s wardrobe through material updates and small model changes. Props are used to infuse new flavours to our beloved cast of characters.