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  • Zip Water (AUST) Pty Ltd in collaboration with 4mation Technologies

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Zip Water (AUST) Pty Ltd

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The world’s first Wi-Fi connected cloud management system for boiling, chilled and sparkling drinking water appliances. Simple to use, secure and set to revolutionise the way you manage drinking water in your workplace.

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  • At Zip we're passionate about innovation and with Zip Assist the future of connected, intelligent hydration solutions for the workplace has arrived! It is widely accepted that the growing global trend of utilising smart, connected equipment helps businesses reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Connecting a HydroTap to Zip Assist allows owners and facility managers to easily and securely monitor the health and performance of and make changes to the functional settings on their HydroTaps installed across multiple buildings and sites from any device anywhere in

  • Connect your HydroTaps to the cloud via Wi-Fi and access all information remotely using a web browser. The HydroTap will periodically communicate to the cloud server at intervals based on user adjusted settings. A web application can be used to login and view the HydroTap status, view collected performance data and modify settings. Zip Assist has been designed for easy set-up - the HydroTap connects via Wi-Fi so there is no installation of network cables and since the user accesses their data via a web based application there is no installation of software required. Zip Assist is cross platform ready and is securely viewable from any device anywhere in the world!

  • When a HydroTap communicates with the Zip Assist server it utilises an industry standard SSL/TSL protocol and AES encryption to ensure a secure connection is made. The registration process involves entering an interim connection key generated by the HydroTap into the Zip Assist management page. Following registration of the HydroTap to the server, all future communications utilise unique IDs to identify specific HydroTaps. This adds another layer of security by allowing the server to know which HydroTap it is communicating to at any one time.

  • Zip Assist houses all your HydroTaps in one easy to manage platform with all of the corresponding information including location information e.g. group, building name, level, location, serial number and model number. The unique advanced dashboard lets you quickly view the status of or make changes to functional settings of HydroTaps installed across multiple buildings and sites from any device anywhere in the world! Scheduled preventative maintenance is crucial to maximising the longevity of your HydroTap. Zip Assist helps you to understand how your HydroTaps are used, allowing you to forecast when filters will require changing or scheduling planned maintenance for low usage

    Our powerful reporting tools have the flexibility to be custom filtered based on criteria such as energy consumption and water usage patterns . Reports can be run at any time and generate easy to read charts or graphs for intuitive data analysis. These reports help HydroTap owners and facilities managers reduce running costs by being able to customise the times individual HydroTaps turn on or off during the day. Employee wellness and productivity are closely linked to hydration and monitoring water consumption allows you to gain insight into just how hydrated your employees are and might just inspire you to create initiatives that increase water consumption.

    Zip Assist has a notifications page where user details can be entered allowing users to receive emails based on system faults, system alerts or filter life alerts with notifications able to be scheduled to send instantly, daily, or weekly. Filter life alerts can also be scheduled to send once a HydroTap's filter falls below a user defined threshold. Engage Zip as your service provider and you can also set permission to send alerts and notifications directly to the Zip service department helping to improve the level of service we deliver to our clients through improved fault identification, response time and first time fix rate.

    Owner - HydroTaps can only be registered through an owner account. They can be organised into groups and any group shared with a facility manager who has a “facility manager account” (the owner can choose to 'un-share' the group from the facility manager or Zip at any time). Facility Manager - They can have multiple groups shared with them, even from different owners. Once access has been given they can view (and if permission is granted by the owner) also edit all information. Zip Service Department - Upon registration owners can choose whether to provide Zip with access to remotely view and or access their HydroTaps helping improve our level of delivery.