Audeara Mobile Companion

  • 2023

  • Digital
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Following a strategic pivot from catering from audiophiles to the hearing-challenged market, Audeara’s headphones required a transformation of their digital app. Leveraging proprietary technology, hardware and intricate medical and audio concepts, the headphones companion app had to be streamlined to cater to an older, non digital demographic.

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  • The users' primary desire was to hear better, but they faced a daunting and technical process to get there. The design approach focused on creating a user-friendly experience that emphasised the product benefits and minimised the technical aspects. The challenge was to design a system that would enable non-digital natives to leverage digital technology in order to improve their hearing. The design had to streamline three technical concepts - audio, medical, and wireless connectivity and simplify the complex steps required to achieve the users goals.

  • The design solution was informed by a rigorous process of desktop research, including an analysis of current solutions, review of analytics, and consultation with the support team. Audiologists were consulted as, experts in the subject matter, to gain insights on how technical aspects of the product could be reframed to emphasise benefits and impact on daily life. Through this process, the design team identified areas where users were struggling and technical aspects that could be simplified to improve accessibility. The resulting solution demonstrates a commitment to user-centric design principles and an ability to solve complex challenges with innovative solutions.

  • By making it easy to configure medical headphones, the project addresses a common frustration for users who may have limited technical skills. Moreover, by providing educational resources that explain how hearing detrains, the project promotes awareness about hearing health and encourages users to take proactive steps to maintain their hearing. The project differentiates the Audeara from competitors by demonstrating a commitment to user centred design and customer education. By providing a product that is easy to use and backed by an in house audiologist, Audeara aim to increase customer engagement, loyalty and drive sales into a currently underserved market.

  • - A refined audiogram that emphasizes the impact of the product on the user rather than just audio technical details. - An interactive visual demonstration that showcases how the product enhances the user's hearing experience. - A streamlined audio assessment process that precisely determines the appropriate hearing compensation required for each user. - Illustrated hardware setup instructions that are animated to simplify the product's usage. - Re-architected onboarding to remove the need for account creation - Record historical data to monitor hearing health over time