Zapp i300 Carbon

  • 2022

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

Designed In:

United Kingdom

We have created the new design language for the next generation scooter and created a revolution in electric high-performance personal transportation. We offer scooters with style and relevance to urban lifestyles and always knew that urban commuting and getting to your destination quickly and efficiently was achievable through electric technology.

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  • i300 leads Zapp into the EVP2W form-factors of the future. - World first hybrid between a step-through (scooter) and step-over (motorcycle) “performance city bike” combining the best features of both. - Modular front fenders for color change without vehicle change for sustainability extension - Modular storage system for load carrying flexibility. - Dual-independent ultra-portable battery solution “take them everywhere charge them anywhere” for non-reliance on charging point availability. - True load-bearing exoskeleton for light weight and low energy simplified assembly. - Gen-2 full cycle sustainability architecture.

  • We have unique charging solution unlike competitors, i300 do not require kerb-side charging or swapping kiosks - Unique independent, compact, lightweight ultra-portable battery packs. - Exceeds daily range requirement “Take them everywhere, charge them anywhere”.

  • - All-new design demanded by early and sophisticated adopters. - i300 out-accelerates and out-stops many superbikes, adding another layer of safety sought by P2W users. - Sustainable and low component vehicle architecture resonates with new consumer values today.

  • - Whole vehicle architecture - Innovative load-bearing exoskeleton structure - Unique articulating and interchangeable front fender - Unique underfoot battery pack compartment and convenient battery insertion mechanism - Unique modular storage compartment configuration, giving flexibility between sporty look and storage - Ultra-low center-of-gravity drive-train configuration improves balance, handling and manoeuvrability - All non-off-the-shelf components are Zapp’s proprietary designs created by the in-house R&D team