Zoomo Cargo Box

  • 2023

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    Automotive and Transport

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Zoomo Pty Ltd

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Zoomo-Cargo-Box is a purpose-built accessory for e-bikes, co-designed with riders to improve quality-of-life, health and safety of gig-economy-professionals. Replacing heavy-backpacks, it features a quick-release-platform, a stackable and stability-optimized form, internal organization and a keyless-lock, the product not only provides a safe and comfortable riding-experience, it enhances rider-confidence, self-esteem and operational-efficiency.

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  • Giving Gig Economy Workers Dignity: The Zoomo-cargo-box was initially born from an observation around the operational health & safety issues faced by riders carrying heavy loads on their backs for prolonged periods. Despite being commonly available for other 2-wheelers such as mopeds, those solutions are unsafe for bike frames, operationally inefficient and do not consider the rider experience. It became apparent that there is a clear need to create a fit-for-purpose solution for e-bikes that enables riders to carry load safely and meet the longevity and efficiency requirements of commercial last mile delivery systems.

  • Zoomo took an inclusive co-design approach and worked closely with riders, servicing mechanics and customers to create a solution that goes beyond the safe transport of cargo. Designed for longevity and repair-ability, Zoomo-Cargo-Box is lightweight and attaches to the rear-carrier of the bike through a bespoke quick-release-platform. It is optimized for riding-stability and allows riders to carry up to 25kg without putting any strain on their backs. Additionally, it is designed to be removable and stackable for storage in space constrained locations and it includes internal dividers and an insulated bag for the organization of goods or temperature sensitive items.

  • We validated our aim to prevent physical-injury and enhance rider's quality-of-life through a quantitative survey and positive net-promoter-score, as well as qualitative user-feedback. Our flexible financing plan ensures accessibility for all riders and businesses, with validation of the price-point and development of a viable business-case through co-design with the target-market. Our design-process acted as a key enabler, creating a product that even catalyzes increased e-bike sales. This is a groundbreaking cargo-accessory designed specifically for e-bikes, which is instrumental in transitioning delivery-fleets from fossil-fuels to more sustainable options, with the goal of reducing emissions and traffic congestion in urban areas.

  • Working closely with enterprise customers who were aiming to move their delivery fleets to e-bikes, we identified speed, efficiency and overall experience of operation as one of the key success factors for the product, whilst providing sufficient payload capacity without compromising the rider safety (center-of-mass). In addition, the price-point was a critical factor to enable penetration in our target-market. This led to a number of design decisions: - A unique attachment-platform that allows users to quickly slide on/off and lock the box in place. - A manufacturing-method that enabled durability and flexibility, whilst requiring a low upfront investment, meaning that we were able to vigorously test the true to material product from early stages of development. - Internal compartment inserts to allow: organization of different packages, prevent loose weight from moving around during ride and goods to be delivered in an intact condition - An insulated bag insert to transport temperature sensitive items and also provide a layer of padding - A combination-lock which removes the need for a physical key whilst providing security. - A large top opening lid with stays, to allow riders to easily look-at and access contents without interruption.