Youi SmartDrive

  • 2016

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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Youi Pty Ltd

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Youi SmartDrive[TM] is an innovative, compact, ultra-low power, low cost, wireless driver behaviour monitoring device that can autonomously analyse driving behaviour and provide “real-time” visual feedback to help encourage safety.

It optionally connects to your smartphone and notifies Youi (insurer) so they can reward drivers for safe driving.

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  • The SmartDrive is an amazingly compact product for what it does. It's small enough not to be obtrusive when mounted on the vehicle windscreen, yet large enough to provide a clear brand presence, with the provision of a practical button and indicator. The enclosure is intentionally minimalist in design, aligning with the modern image of the Youi brand. Its black and white colour scheme magnifying the Youi logo at it centre. Its styling is pleasantly “smart consumer”, yet its sufficiently at home in the automotive space. From the minute it arrives in its sleek black packaging, a gift, not bought, the user has a sense that they have received something special. When it comes alive, the excitement begins.

  • SmartDrive utilises the latest nanotechnology motion sensors to track your every turn, acceleration and break. Its intelligent algorithms autonomously compensate for hills, speed-bumps, pot-holes and vehicle roll, so that you only get the alerts you need. It calculates your speed on corners and adapts to be stricter when needed, but forgiving when it's safe. It checks you're driving against limits and alerts you instantly when you need to take it easy and be safe. SmartDrive is easy to use. Simply, attach it to your vehicle windscreen using the provided adhesive tabs, start-up the App on your phone and the inbuilt graphical wizard will take you through the setup process. Start driving and it begins to work.

  • SmartDrive incorporates Bluetooth Low Energy technology that allows the SmartDrive to connect wirelessly to your smartphone. When connected, SmartDrive allows you to interact with your device, view journey statistics such as distance, start time duration etc. and view maps that show routes with event location and type information. At the owner's command, the app connects to the internet and lets Youi know how well you've been driving. SmartDrive signals the driver via RGB indicators. Colour is used to convey function during setup, whilst movement is used to signal events (in the corner of the driver's eye). The brightness of the indicator automatically adjusts to compensate for day or night conditions.

  • Ultimately, the primary benefit of SmartDrive is to encourage safer driving through providing useful feedback and the enabling of rewards. SmartDrive instantly alerts a driver when they are driving the way they shouldn't, so they can assess, learn and improve. It also promotes safety by allowing Youi to reward safer drivers with lower premiums. Importantly, SmartDrive uses encryption to protect your sensitive data all the way from the device, through your phone and to the internet. The application is password protected, so your data is kept safe.

    Perhaps the most impressive aspect of SmartDrive is its ultra-low power consumption. SmartDrive runs for over 1 year on a single battery the size of a 20c piece, even when used for 4 hours a day! This performance was achieved by designing every aspect of the SmartDrive with power conservation in mind, resulting in no charger and fewer spent batteries. SmartDrive promotes lower greenhouse gas emission. Emissions can be reduced by as much as 30%, simply by changing from an aggressive to a more moderate driving style. SmartDrive enclosure is made from recyclable plastic. The enclosure may be opened to recommission the circuit board. SmartDrive's batteries are hazard free when decomposed.

    The vehicle insurance market is a highly contested, with numerous operators striving to differentiate themselves. Youi has been highly successful in this market by positioning itself as a modern, savvy operator that personalises insurance. SmartDrive represents the next logical step in insurance personalisation, measuring the way in which individuals actually drive their vehicles. In this regard SmartDrive compliments and enhances Youi's brand differentiation. SmartDrive has been designed from the ground up to be a low cost product, meeting a sub $50 cost point. SmartDrive solves sensing and communications requirements without the aid of an expensive GPS and a 4G modem.

    SmartDrive is potentially the “world's first” product to autonomously analyse driving behaviour and provide “real-time” visual feedback to help encourage safety. SmartDrive has a has a patent pending. Its primary innovation lies in that is that it senses, analyses and communicates driver behavior without the aid of a GPS and 3G. This results in a compact, ultra-low power and low cost product that makes use for insurance monitoring practical and commercially viable. SmartDrive's main IP lies in its sensitive, accurate, yet highly power efficient motion sensing algorithms.