Xbox Series S

  • 2021

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

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United States of America

Xbox Series S is an all-digital video game console designed in the United States of America to deliver the fundamental elements of next-generation gaming. Despite being the smallest Xbox ever, this console offers faster load times, higher frame rates, and richer, more dynamic worlds.

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  • The Xbox Series S (XSS) is the second console the team designed this generation, which on its own is a first. Whereas the goal of the flagship Xbox Series X was to be the ultimate showcase for power and high fidelity in video games- the goal of the Series S was to bring all the other benefits of the new chipset- fast loading times, richer game experiences and higher framerates- in a compact, modern factor and with an affordable price tag.

  • Most gamers download their content, so the decision to make the XSS all-digital, with no optical disc drive, was a natural one. Removing that component let the design and engineering teams reshape the architecture of the console dramatically; with that freedom, the team made the choice to shrink the depth of the console from front to back, reducing its depth by three inches from its predecessor, the Xbox One S. This results in a console that can go more places in your home, has easier to access cables and can be more easily transported.

  • Gaming is important. Not just because play is essential to human development and growth- it's important because of the way it brings people together, especially over the past year. People in different locations, different genders, different races, and all ages- come together as peers when they play games together. Over the course of the pandemic this has become especially clear- in the absence of being able to physically gather, games have provided a safe way to make connections with friends and loved ones; de in part to that, the XSS has has been continuously sold out throughout months of restocks.

  • Space is at a premium in most people's homes, so we knew designing the Xbox Series S to easily fit in more places was important from the start. It's 60% smaller than the Xbox Series X but matches it in one important dimension- the depth. At 151mm or about 6 inches, it takes up significantly less space on a shelf or mantle; with cables plugged in it's just 8 inches deep. That allows the XSS to easily fit anywhere a current gen console does and opens up many new opportunities too. To build even further on that flexibility, the thermal system is engineered and weight balanced to work equally effectively in horizontal or vertical positions. Delivering that kind of flexibility to our customers is an important part of the design, one that lets them set it up and get to having fun as easily as possible.